Nigeria Immigration ranks and structure (departments)

Nigeria Immigration ranks and structure (departments) – Nigeria Immigration ranks and structure are important information for every Nigerian, especially aspiring NIS employees Read the details below to learn Nigerian Immigration Service ranks and structure. General information about Nigerian Immigration Service NIS is responsible for all migration processes in Nigeria. Initially, it was called Immigration Department and was controlled by Chief Federal Immigration Officer (CFIO). In 1963, an official Act of Parliament, Cap I71 was issued confirming the establishment of the Immigration Department. Then the post of the head of the organization was called Director of Immigration. The agency was controlled by the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs (FMIA). In 1992, this institution was reorganized. From this moment, the head of the organization was Comptroller General of Immigration Service. This measure was due to the fact that the NIS became a para-military agency. At the moment, the NIS team’s efforts are aimed at ensuring effective operation in accordance with modern standards. Careful selection and training of new employees play quite an important role. Preference is given to well-motivated and active workers. Also, the agency seeks to ensure security and promote the prosperity of our state through the quality management of migration and borders. Since 1988, this organization has been issuing all travel documents in Nigeria. At the moment, the NIS is a complex structure with several levels. The highest of them is Comptroller General. The lowest employee is a passport officer. Nigeria Immigration ranks and insignias Here is the full list of all Nigeria Immigration Service ranks:

  • Comptroller General Immigration Service (CGIS)
  • Assistant Comptrollers General (ACGI)
  • Assistant Comptrollers (AC)
  • Superintendent of Immigration
  • Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI)
  • Senior Inspector of Immigration (SII)
  • Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII)
  • Immigration Assistant (IA)
  • Passport Officers.

In this organization, there are several departments classified according to the tasks assigned to them. Read their description to understand which of the NIS branches you would like to join in order to become part of the Nigeria Immigration Service ranking system. Nigeria Immigration ranks and structure (departments)

Human Resource Management: The biometric registration of all employees is performed in this department.

HR department: manages the staff of the Immigration Service, engages in the appointment, training, and promotion of employees on the career ladder. In addition, it focuses on ensuring the welfare of workers, considers gender issues, and develops human resources. This is another branch whose activities play an important role for NIS. This directorate conducts research and develops recommendations for the management of the organization. Statistics are analyzed in this department, on their basis, forecasts and plans for further actions are compiled. In addition, technical support is provided to all objects connected with the ICT. Nigeria Immigration ranks and structure (departments)

Works & Procurement: This unit serves the infrastructure in various parts of the country, monitors the implementation of procurement contracts in accordance with Procurement Act, develops, executes, and controls projects in accordance with specifications, maintains reliable, timely logistics and deliveries.

Finance & Accounts Directorate: If you are well versed in accounting, perhaps your place is in this department. Its employees provide financial support for the successful operation of NIS, ensure budgeting and careful monetary control. Thanks to it, officers timely receive salaries and benefits. All financial transactions related to revenue-generating are processed and saved here. By becoming a part of this branch, you will be able to take care of the reasonable management of material resources. How much do Nigerian prison service workers earn?

Investigation, Inspectorate & Enforcement Directorate: The employees of this department investigate violations of legislation relating to immigration. Also, Eligibility briefs for applicants wishing to obtain Nigerian citizenship, Status Reports for the issuance of expatriate quota are issued here. This office can carry out forced repatriation and insist on the enforcement of the Deportation Orders. It also monitors the cases of smuggling of migrants and human trafficking. In this department, officials on strategic positions as well as all rookies are profiled. The Surveillance, Hotel monitoring, and inspection of Companies, Suspect Index management, and verification of illegal migrants are carried out here. Nigeria Immigration ranks and structure (departments). Operations & Passports All issues related to Visa/Entry Permit, Standard Passport, all travel documents are solved in this department. Various Immigration facilities are processed within a set period of time. Successful implementation of new rules of Visa Policy is ensured. Investigations are carried out and false passports are canceled. Work is carried out with the credible watch sheet which is distributed to passport offices and periodically updated. Federal Fire Service recruitment requirements in Nigeria Also, the soft-copies of former residents of Nigeria who have renounced their citizenship are stored here, the correct cancellation of their passports is ensured. In addition, agreements are concluded between two or more parties in this department. NIS salary It is quite natural if while thinking about whether it’s reasonable to become a NIS employee you are interested in how much NIS pays as salary. The minimum wage for Passport Officers is N30 thousand per month. That is, in a year you will get N360 thousand. Receiving additional benefits, you can increase this amount to N400 thousand. If we talk about the average salary of NIS employees, it is about N2 million per year. Now you know the structure of this organization, understand what department your skills set are perfect for.

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