How To Change Bank Verification Number BVN Information details like Date Of Birth, Phone Number and Names

In February 14, 2014, the 11-digit Bank Verification Number (BVN) was introduced with the aim of preventing identity theft and fraudulent transactions in the banking sector. The Central Bank of Nigeria, in partnership with all Nigerian banks, launched the Bank Verification Number (BVN) project to ensure that the banking system’s confidence relationships are not jeopardized.

What is Bank Verification Number (BVN)?

In all commercial banks in Nigeria, your Bank Verification Number serves as your universal ID. To combat illicit banking, the Central Bank of Nigeria introduced a Biometric Identification System within the industry. This is required to open a bank account in Nigeria because no withdrawals are permitted without a valid BVN (customers in diaspora accounts were exempted till January 31, 2016). Most customers have one or two things they want to alter or update on their BVN account information, such as their phone number, their name, or their date of birth, so we’ll show you how to do it. I’ve lost my phone number, which is linked to my BVN, for the past two years, and I didn’t get my sim card back in time because I was out of the country for more than a year. But only to return to the nation, where my phone number is being used by someone else. When I called my bank and Glo telecom, I was informed that I needed to change the phone number associated with my BVN.

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How Can I Correct/Change and Update My BVN Details?

Change Phone Number

Customers of UBA Bank will receive an affidavit from the court, while customers of other banks do not receive an affidavit.

1.Obtain an affidavit from the court.

2.Identification documents: An international passport, national identity card, or voter card is required, with the correct name displayed.

3.Update your phone number at each of your nearby branches.

To change date of birth ?

Affidavit No. 1
2. A copy of your birth certificate
3.To change names and other information as a result of marriage – include a copy of the marriage certificate as proof.

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How to Link BVN With My Account?

1.Go to your bank’s Internet Banking page and log in.
2.From the left-hand screen, select BVN Linker.
3.Press the “New Request” button.
4. Choose your Bank Verification Number from the drop-down menu.
5.Select the Nigerian bank that released your BVN.
6.Continue by answering your “Secret Question.”
7.Make a submission

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