Facebook Carousel Content: How to Make Your Posts and Ads Stand Out

Want to make a Facebook ad or post with several images? Have you tried the Carousel feature on Facebook? You may use the Facebook Carousel function to include several photos and links in a single post or ad. You’ll learn how to set up and use Facebook carousel posts and advertising in your Facebook marketing in this article.
facebook carousel content for posts and ads

Why Create Carousel Posts and Ads?

A Facebook carousel post or ad is a clever way to cram more details into a limited amount of space. Within the same story, you can use five different photos, each with its own headlines, descriptions, and URLs. Build an organic story on your page wall and/or an ad unit with a carousel post or ad; both can be viewed on desktop and mobile. Carousel ads perform 10 times better than normal ads, according to a Kinetic Social survey. Plus, with 90% of Facebook users accessing the site via smartphone, it’s a great way to make the most of a small space. Advertisers can get a lot more bang for their buck if they use a horizontal ad unit that scrolls back and forth. On Instagram, carousel ads are also available. When it comes to carousel posts and advertising, you have a few choices. Develop an organic carousel post, convert an organic carousel post to an ad, or start from scratch with a carousel ad.

#1: Create an Organic Carousel Post:

Type or paste a link on your wall to create a carousel post directly on your blog. It generates a preview, which should include at least one image. Note that the more photos you have in your blog post, the more they can populate and the less you will have to upload directly. The link preview image is usually preselect by Facebook’s og:image tag on blog posts, and most blogs only have one that populates when the link is shared on Facebook. As a consequence, when making carousel style wall posts, you’ll need to think outside the box when it comes to finding additional images. More photos are generally available on the blog post you’re sharing. Due to the square nature of carousel pictures, Facebook will crop out the image’s middle. If the original image is cut off in an inexplicable way, you may need to erase the image that appears and replace it with a square image. It is recommended that carousel images be 600 x 600 pixels in size.

Boost Your Carousel Post

After your carousel post gets some organic reach and engagement, you can easily turn it into a carousel ad by boosting the post. I recommend doing this through Ads Manager, rather than the Boost button, because there are more targeting and placement options.

Go to Ads Manager and click Create an AdSelect Boost Your Posts, and choose the page and the post.

facebook boost carousel post
Go to Ads Manager to boost an organic carousel post.

Set your audience, budget, and schedule. Then preview your ad.

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facebook boost carousel post
Preview your ad and put a checkmark where you want it to appear.

Click the Place Order button when you’re satisfied with the ad.

Again, keep in mind the less than 20% text rule. The carousel ad in the example above would likely not be approved. It’s not possible to change the images of carousel posts after they’ve been uploaded. So to turn my post in the above example into a carousel ad, I’d need to start again with a fresh carousel post or carousel ad from scratch.

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#2: Build a Carousel Ad:

Go to Ads Manager or Power Editor to generate a carousel ad from scratch. Select Build Ad and then select the target. Choose if you want to take people to your website or get conversions or downloads. The Facebook advertising algorithm prioritizes ads for users who have already taken the action you specify. As a result, I recommend selecting Send People to Your Website as the target, as there are several more steps to finding people who have previously converted. It’s much easier to direct users to your website and then use the Facebook pixel to retarget those who visit.Choose your ad creative after you’ve determined your target audience and budget. Upload your photos after choosing Several Images in One Ad.aviary app
For each image (which Facebook refers to as a “card”), edit the destination URL and add a headline. Notice that the ability to add video is being phased in and will be available only in Power Editor.
You may also want to add a call-to-action button. However, keep in mind that adding a button will reduce how much space is available to show your headline and description. Setting your ad to display the best-performing images first is another suggested choice. You can also connect your Instagram account to display the same carousel ad on Instagram to increase your exposure. When you’ve done customizing your ad, preview it and place your order.

Use Cases:

Carousel advertising can be used in a number of ways. A retail or online store, for example, may feature multiple items, multiple features on a single product, or a single beautiful picture of a product spread through multiple cards. A restaurant’s regular, weekly, or monthly specials could be shared. Each card will take you to a different web page. Carousel advertisements can also be used to tell your brand’s story, highlight key staff, or demonstrate how your product or service can benefit others. The Facebook Event tool is advertised in this carousel ad from the Facebook Tips tab. This example illustrates how each card can have a different picture and headline touting the benefits and a call to action.

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