Best iMovie for Windows10 Video Editor

If you want to perform simple video editing tasks on computers that run the iOS and macOS operating systems, you don’t have to spend a dime because iMovie has all of the features you’ll need to make a compelling video. Microsoft recently ended support for the last version of Windows7 that included Windows Movie Maker, which changed the situation for PC owners. The desktop-based replacements for iMovie that you can use on Windows 10 were discussed in the previous article, but each of the choices we provided needs you to go through the software installation process. So, in this post, we’ll go over the top five free iMovie alternatives you can use online without having to download or install anything. Let’s get this party started.

The 5 Best Free iMovie Online Alternatives

The time it will take you to upload your footage to an online video editing platform will be determined by the size of and clip you choose to use in your video. Furthermore, some online video editors have video size limitations, so before you begin working on your project, make sure that all of the video clips you want to edit meet the platform’s requirements. Here are some of the best free iMovie alternatives available online.

1. ClipChamp

This free online iMovie alternative is ideal for digital marketers and other video content creators who don’t have the time or resources to edit their footage with advanced video editing software. ClipChamp allows you to make videos that are tailored for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but it can also be used to create slideshows and other types of videos. ClipChamp gives you access to large stock footage and music libraries in addition to allowing you to upload your own audio, video, and image files. If you choose the free version of this website, however, you will be responsible for all stock audio and video footage used in your projects. Furthermore, you can only use the platform’s video models if you subscribe to the Creator subscription model. The maximum resolution of the videos you can make with the free edition of ClipChamp is 480p, and if you want to export a project in 720p or 1080p resolution, you’ll have to pay extra.


  • With a comprehensive range of video editing tools
  • Makes it easier to make social media videos You can make an infinite amount of videos every month.
  • The simple and fast upload procedure


  • Watermarks appear on videos created with ClipChamp’s free edition.
  • The costs of obtaining permission to use stock footage are high.

2. Magisto

Price: Free, with monthly plans starting at $9.99.

Magisto is another common video-sharing platform for digital marketers. Creating YouTube advertisements, Instagram images, and photo editing are only a few of the many features available on this video editing app. You’ll need to build an account before you can use Magisto’s services, and you’ll only have access to a limited set of features if you use the free version of the app to make your videos. The process of creating a video with Magisto can be completed in three simple steps: upload the video clips, choose an editing style, and choose a soundtrack. Even if you purchase the Business subscription model, you cannot build videos longer than ten minutes, and if you want to export your videos in 720p resolution, you must purchase at least the Professional pricing option. Unless you choose the Professional or Business subscription plans, you won’t be able to add your own branding or use the platform’s cloud storage.


  • Magisto’s quick and easy video editing process gives you access to massive stock footage libraries.
  • You have a wide variety of video editing types to choose from.
  • Provides email marketing services.


  • It is not possible to make videos that are longer than ten minutes.
  • The video editing is done automatically.

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3. Adobe Spark

Price: Free, with pricing options beginning at $12.89.

Adobe Spark was first launched in 2016, and it has quickly become one of the most popular online destinations for video editors in just four years. Adobe Spark is part of the Creative Cloud, but you can also use it separately if you don’t want to use Premiere Pro or After Effects to edit your images. To make a video with Adobe Spark, you don’t need specialized video editing skills, but you must first build an account on the platform before you can begin working on a new project. In addition to creating videos, Adobe Spark allows you to edit images and create Facebook covers and Instagram posts in just a few clicks, thanks to the platform’s over 20.000 different templates. All of your designs can be shared on social media with Adobe Spark, but you can only customize your branding if you buy one of the available subscription plans.


  • A fantastic tool for social media marketing
  • There is no need to have any prior video editing experience.
  • Excellent solutions for social sharing
  • Provides software for both video and photo editing.


  • The free version of Adobe Spark does not allow you to collaborate with other users.
  • Only simple video editing options are available.

4. Kizoa

Pricing options start at $29.99 for a lifetime license and go up from there.

Using Kizoa to create videos for personal, educational, or business purposes does not take much time or effort.

The platform allows you to mix and match audio, picture, and video files, giving you nearly limitless creative freedom. You may also add transitions and visual effects to your video before emailing it to friends and colleagues or sharing it on social media. If you use the free version of Kizoa, you won’t be able to make videos longer than one minute or export videos in resolutions higher than 720p. You’ll be able to make 4K videos and have unlimited cloud storage space if you select the Business edition of this video editing platform. You can also use RAW format images in all of your projects and burn your videos to DVDs if you want this pricing model. Keep in mind that the length of the video you can make with Kizoa is limited by the license you select.


  • Features hundreds of video templates and supports 4K video editing
  • Allows users to choose their video’s aspect ratio.
  • Effective photo editing tools are included.


The free version of Kizoa does not allow you to make videos longer than one minute. It is more expensive than its rivals.

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5. WeVideo

Price: Free, with monthly plans starting at $9.99.

WeVideo would appeal to video content creators looking for an online video editing platform that can be used for personal, technical, or educational purposes. This web-based video editor is jam-packed with features that make it simple to create engaging videos. WeVideo allows you to capture your computer’s screen or optimize your videos for playback on various platforms in addition to its impressive video editing capabilities. The free version of this online video editor, on the other hand, only allows you to export five minutes of video every month and at a resolution of only 480p. As a result, opting for the Unlimited, Professional, or Business subscription plans, which have no limitations on publish time or cloud storage, is a much better choice. You’ll also be able to export all of your videos in 4K resolution and have access to premium video editing software if you choose one of these plans.


  • Libraries of high-quality stock footage
  • Users can export audio files.
  • Provides screencasting software.
  • Provides opportunities for social media marketing.


  • Social networking features are limited.
  • Only the Business subscription plan allows you to change the frame rate of a video.