Without Facebook, How to Use Coffee Meets Bagel

People can utilize a variety of online dating websites to find a partner. Coffee Meets Bagel is one such alternative, and it, like Tinder, Hinge, and other services, needs you to link your Facebook account. But what if you don’t want to use Coffee Meets Bagel because you don’t want to use Facebook? Is this even close to being a possibility?

Yes, and why should you consider joining Coffee Meets Bagel without having a Facebook account?

What Is Coffee Meets Bagel?

First and foremost, you must visit Coffee Meets Bagel. It’s an online dating tool that matches you with potential dates based on shared Facebook connections. According to its creators, the concept behind it is that “men enjoy the selection and women are selective.”

This is why the app’s creators created two categories for users to choose from when browsing profiles: Discover and Suggested.

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At noon, the app will deliver up to 21 bagels to guys, with the option to Like or Pass on the matches displayed. On the other side, women are presented with males who meet their criteria and have already expressed interest in their profile. This empowers women to pick their partners. (Women love power in a 6:4 ratio, according to research.)

Gender, age, ethnicity, height, distance, and religion are among the six filters available in the app.

Another distinction between Coffee Meets Bagel, and other dating apps is that users have only 24 hours to determine whether to Like or Pass on a match. You can only communicate with each other for eight days if both games “like” each other. You have only eight days to determine whether you wish to meet or exchange phone numbers.


With Discover mode, you can search through user profiles that match your criteria. You can also check to see whether someone has previously “liked” you. If someone already likes you, you can start a conversation with them by clicking the dialogue symbol. This option caters primarily to paying subscribers.

2 Key Reasons To Use Coffee Meets Bagel Without Facebook

The benefits of linking your own Facebook account to the Coffee Meets Bagel app are undeniable. It does, however, raise some severe concerns. So what worries do you have about using Coffee Meets Bagel in conjunction with your Facebook account?

Lack of Privacy

Many people consider dating a personal matter, and they don’t want everyone to know about it. They don’t want their family to learn about their business, and they might even keep this knowledge hidden from their friends.

You have the right to privacy in your personal life.


It is much easier to learn about someone in the digital age. However, you might be afraid that linking your Facebook account to the Coffee Meets Bagel appraises your risk of being cyberstalked (to learn as much as they can about you before meeting you).

You might be concerned that a hacker who gets into your Facebook account will also obtain access to your Coffee Meets Bagel account.

Coffee Meets Bagel, thankfully, has made it possible to create an account without using Facebook. All you need is a phone number to get started.

How Can You Use Coffee Meets Bagel Without Facebook Or Your Phone Number?

You don’t have to connect your own Facebook account or phone number to CMB if you’re concerned about cyber stalking or your privacy. It’s all because of MobileSMS.io.

Alias Facebook Account 

Because CMB used to demand a Facebook account to access its services, users created a fake FB account to get around the setup and FB’s terms of service. It’s a separate account from your personal Facebook page (uses a different number, name, etc.).

They were better able to regulate who viewed their Facebook friends and social networks by taking this way.

Of course, Facebook requires you to authenticate your account. You must use a throwaway phone number because you cannot use a number already registered with the social networking site. MobileSMS.io comes in handy in this situation.

To validate your social network account and your Coffee Meets Bagel account, the site will create a random, 10-minute useable number.

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Temporary Mobile Number

Due to all of the popular social media apps we were experiencing, CMB made sure to include the option to sign up without FB. That implies you may create an account on Coffee Meets Bagel without using your Facebook account and just using your phone number. Naturally, you might not want to use your phone number. If this describes you, go to MobileSMS.io to pick a random phone number before signing up for the dating app. This number is valid for 10 minutes, which is just enough time to validate your account.

Why Go With MobileSMS.io For Account Verifications?

If you’re concerned about your privacy on dating apps and Facebook, MobileSMS.io should be your first port of call. Facebook holds a wealth of data about you and exposes your personal life to your family and friends. This is the site to use if you don’t want to share this information with a stranger.

By verifying your account using a disposable number, MobileSMS.io can help you keep your privacy.