Why And How To Use Instagram Reels To Market Your Shopify Store

Instagram is without a doubt the most popular social media site right now. Instagram helps brands to communicate with potential customers, create relationships, and develop a loyal audience thanks to its 1 billion monthly active users. This is why companies should take advantage of any new product launched by Instagram, including the most recent content format, Instagram Reels.

Inside the Instagram Reels app, you can create interactive images, apply effects, and stitch them together. People can view various reels back on the kind of content they want and interact with the profile more on this content’s own ‘Explore’ tab.

Reels are a fantastic tool for online stores to help with customer acquisition and social media development. Let’s look at why Instagram Reels are essential and how you can make them for your Shopify store’s Instagram account.

Benefits of Creating Instagram Reels on Your Profile 

Reels have been placed on Instagram as a type of discovery content that users can click through and watch. Consumers whose browsing history and tastes match the kind of content you produce are shown your Reels by the site. As a result, your exposure to new and essential audiences is enhanced, allowing you to attract followers.

For example, if you like posts about home decor, you’ll see a lot of Reels from brands that market home decor, encouraging you to check out their items!

You can build your content right inside the app using this interactive video format, with no additional software or equipment necessary. You can use the filters and effects to transform a basic concept into a beautiful image.

Many companies use Reels to tell stories and communicate with new audiences to entice them to learn more about the brand. Also, Instagram promotes Reels more, showcasing them in the newsfeed, and even building a dedicated page for users to browse through.

As an online retailer, you need to start making Reels right away if you want to reach out to new customers. The Reel production tools on Instagram make it simple for everyone to get started with this format. You can make a fun Reel in no time with the variety of filters, effects, and transitions available!

Types of Reels You Can Create for Your Shopify Brand 

There are several ways to use Reels for your Shopify brand to expand reach as a video medium. Here are six different styles of reels you can try making:

Product how-tos With a Reel, you can show customers all of the various ways they can use your items. Such content helps customers imagine the multiple applications of a product and encourages them to buy it if they are already interested.

Brand how-tos are also a perfect way to introduce the brand to new markets because they don’t burden the shopper with too many brand details.

2. Give inspiration

When making Reels, you don’t have to limit yourself to your stuff. You will expand your horizons by creating Reels that cater to the needs of customers in your industry.

Use your Reels to show consumers how to change their lifestyle while also establishing yourself as an industry expert.

Many furniture brands, for example, are making Reels to display how people can dress up their homes for WFH scenes and then transform them back into a lounge when their workday is over.

If you run an online fashion and apparel shop, on the other hand, you can create mini-videos showing various ways to dress your collection or demonstrate how your customers are wearing your clothing.

3. Behind the scenes

Create a behind-the-scenes Reel to give shoppers a glimpse at who you are and who your brand is. Use the video to illustrate how you came up with particular designs or products and the inspiration behind them and how they were produced. These behind-the-scenes glimpses can also provide glimpses into how your team collaborates or the community inside your group.

This inside look at your brand will help you become more relatable. Your brand will be seen as more straightforward, causing viewers to want to be associated with you.

4. Teasers

If you have a new campaign or product on the horizon? Reels can be used to offer a 15-second preview of the latest edition. You might make a concept preview, some planning or training clips, or even send hints and ask your viewers to guess what you’re launching.

With a teaser like this, you can pique new viewers’ interest in the mystery and inspire them to follow your profile so they can learn more about the product or campaign.

5. Show how it solves problems

Consumers are enthralled by the exciting material being posted as Reels. You can also create lighthearted content by creating imaginative Reels about how your brand brightens people’s days or solves a particular problem.

They are using the Reels to explain how people’s lives would be different if they didn’t have your products or how your products enhance their lives. If you sell coffee, for example, you could make a Reel showing how people spend their days without coffee and then show how life is with coffee.

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6. User-generated content

You don’t have to start from scratch when making your Reels—using user-generated content to demonstrate how others are using your goods. Since it won’t be pushing any polished or advertised material, such content is likely to gain credibility.

On the other hand, these Reels would be more authentic and from the perspective of a customer. As a result, your UGC Reels will have a wider audience, and you will be able to build a reputation for your brand.

How to Create Reels for Your Shopify Store’s Instagram Profile

Creating a Reel can appear to be incredibly difficult at first glance. You can master the art of sewing together various clips and making magic out of your Reels with a short tour and some checking.

For someone making a reel, here are a few editing methods and elements to consider:

1. Clips

You can pause and adjust your frame while recording a reel, then resume recording. You will find all the clips you shot on the left side of the record button and delete or rearrange them to stitch your video together.

2. Audio

Add separate audio to your Reels, such as a voiceover, a famous track, or even music. You can choose music from a library or record a voiceover and then add it to your video.

3. Speed

If you want a slow-mo video to capture emotions and concentrate on your product or want your video to sync to a particular rhythm, you can speed up or slow down sections of your video or audio to generate the vibe you want.

4. Effects

To turn your video and bring your innovative ideas to life, choose from Instagram’s vast library of filters and AR effects. Green screen filters on Instagram allow you to add a natural-looking backdrop to the subject of your video.

5. Timer

Set a timer for when the app should begin recording. This helps you to record hands-free by mounting your phone on a stand or tripod.

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6. Align

You may use the align tool when filming to align the object inside the frame if you’re focused on a single object and making separate clips with different backgrounds.

Get Started With Reels to Increase Your Shopify Store Reach on Instagram

We hope this guide has helped get you started with Instagram Reel and encouraged you to use this content format to expand your Instagram following and attract new Shopify customers.

With Instagram’s growing user base, it’s vital for Shopify stores to stay on top of new features and introduce them right away. Instagram favors potential users to their features and raises their profile for both new and established viewers. You can get the Instagram algorithm to favor you by using new features as soon as they are posted.

But here’s the thing: the point is a little different. Given how famous Instagram Reels are among your target audience, we believe now is the best time to hop on board!


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