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Now that the urban homesteading movement has become fashionable, So, what is in a name? What is this urban food movement, where people produce their food, raise livestock in their backyards, and “put up” in the kitchen?

Urban homesteading is about going backward in time and living a more simple, purposeful existence in the middle of the city, surrounded by the contemporary world.

We published the 10 Elements of an Urban Homestead last year to help you outline the stages to setting up your self-sufficient plot in the city.

Let’s get down to business with some proper definitions.

n. one a suburban or city residence where occupants practice self-sufficiency by growing and storing their food.

n. two a person’s or a family’s home and garden where they engage in sustainable small-scale agriculture and related activities to reduce environmental impact and promote self-sufficiency.

n. three a name given to the residence of a person or family who practices low-impact, long-term self-sufficiency through activities such as food gardening, cottage industry, considerable recycling, and overall simplicity.

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APPLICATION IN A SENTENCE “My next-door neighbors have such a fruitful urban homestead that they can live fully off of the food they raise themselves.”

v. one the process of converting a city or suburban home into a property that provides part or all of the residents’ food and other subsistence requirements.

v. two involvement in home-based activities such as gardening, keeping poultry or small livestock, creating simple items through cottage industry, reducing consumer purchases, and generally pursuing ways to promote self-sufficiency in a city or suburban setting.

v. three establishes an urban homestead to lower one’s environmental footprint and revert to a home-based, family-centered, self-sufficient lifestyle.

APPLICATION IN A SENTENCE “Their urban homesteading began with a tiny vegetable garden, but over time they became so self-sufficient that the family could live in the city without working outside.”

n. one a person who practices self-sufficiency in a city or suburban setting by growing their food and living simply.

n. two a person who converts a city or suburban property into a home that generates part or all of its residents’ food and other basic requirements to reduce environmental impact while enhancing self-sufficiency.

n. three a member of the 21st-century eco-pioneering movement whose goal is to make the world a better place for themselves and others by demonstrating a self-sufficient, sustainable, ecologically sound return to home-based agriculture, industry, and family life.

APPLICATION IN A SENTENCE “One urban homesteader’s garden can feed his entire family—while also teaching to other families how they might live more sustainably.” 

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Modern Pioneers

Our wildly successful Urban Homestead project is now widely regarded as a successful one-of-a-kind model for sustainable agriculture and urban living.

The Urban Homestead, our family’s home, has been featured on thousands of blogs, dozens of TV shows (CNN, National Geographic, and Sundance Channel, CBS News, ABC Nightline, Oprah, and many others), and hundreds of print articles, including the LA Times, NY Times, Times of India, and Faz, to name a few.

Our blog, “Little Homestead in the City,” has chronicled our family’s challenges and joys, setbacks, and victories on the road to homesteading since 2001.

By sharing our personal stories, we might inspire others who are attempting to live a simpler, more self-sufficient lifestyle and develop a new paradigm for urban living.

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