Ways To Make Money On The Internet

Bob Moulton decided to limit walk-in sales at his business, National Pawn, as cases of COVID-19 spread across the country in the spring. Although pawnshops were deemed necessary in North Carolina and could continue to operate, Moulton did not want to risk his 19 locations’ customers or employees’ health.

He didn’t want to fire anyone, so he had employees start selling things on social media sites like Facebook Marketplace. Customers could then choose to pick up their purchases from the curb.

“We found it to be very successful,” Moulton says. “I was astounded by the amount of disposable income our customers had.”

Three websites stand out when it comes to selling online: eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. While eBay is best known for its online auctions, the other two sites are used for local classified advertisements. On each of the sites, people can now sell almost anything for a set price.

“What’s going on online and off has always been a barometer for eBay,” says Sam Bright, vice president, and general manager of eBay North America’s verticals. “If it’s in demand in real life, it’s in demand on our marketplace.

“Sales of home and garden, technology, fashion, and fitness have increased on the site in recent months.

Online selling can benefit both businesses and individuals. Continue reading for expert seller advice and information on which categories on eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace appear to be selling the best right now.

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Internet sales tips

Rose Winquest, a Grand Rapids resident in Michigan, is selling on Facebook Marketplace full-time. She is buying products for resale at a discount and receiving friends’ castaway items. She says her favorite marketplace is Facebook because it makes it easy to sell products that are appealing to a wide variety of interests. “I enjoy getting in touch with people from every corner of life,” says Winquest.

Winquest recommends quick sales for people who prize items at or below half of the store. Selling on a first-coming, first-served basis is also preferable. “Holding people’s items is a risky matter because, if given the opportunity, many people will go away,” she warns.

According to Deb Liu, founder of Facebook Marketplace, in the listing, take many pictures and include keywords to make it easy for your items to be found. Be more specific, have the wood type, or use a more specific term like a coffee table to describe an article as a table.

“It is unlikely for a buyer to purchase a couch, a basketball, and other goods at a time.” Only bundles are likely to be sold in a group, such as a set of clothes or related toys.

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Consult seller Maria Chichester of Lowell, Michigan, when selling products at a public location such as the police station, church, or the gas station. For ten years, Chichester has sold on Craigslist but has recently found out that Facebook marketplace is now a new favorite.

“The Craigslist contains so many scams and fake sales posts that people find it hard to tell if the posts are legal,” she says. However, she continues to list items for sale on both sites, stating that the way for many potential customers is simple and free.

Chichester includes in its listings, including any flaws, all relevant details. She also notes if her price is firm or not. She will try to answer questions and arrange payment by email rather than in person when someone is interested. This helps to weed “tire kickers” or those who come to view something but don’t want to buy it seriously.

In the meantime, online sales platforms try to simplify the process. “Selling on eBay is easy, and because of the new normal, we have taken steps to simplify this,” said Bright. The number of free listings for eBay sellers has been up to 200, there are trend items on the site community forum.

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