Use Zoosk Without Facebook or Own Phone Number Makes It Safer To Use The Zoosk Dating App

Zoosk is one of the most established dating websites/apps available. It was founded about ten years ago and has since expanded to over 35 million users. Of course, it allows you to attach your Facebook or phone number, much like other dating apps. Is it possible to use Zoosk without a Facebook account or a personal phone number?

Why Zoosk For Your Next Connection?

Before answering the question of whether or not you can use Zoosk without linking your phone or Facebook, it’s essential to understand what distinguishes this dating app from the many others available.

What distinguishes Zoosk from other dating apps is that it uses its users’ behavior to tailor the experience and give them matches that best match their preferences. You swipe to the profiles you like best and interact with that person to find your perfect match. You can interact with other Zoosk singles in two ways:

  • Carousel Mode – This is a quick way to look through profiles, with you swiping the app. You see a profile picture and make up your mind that way.
  • Search Mode – You can filter through users based on your preferred factors – age, location, body type, education level, religion, etc.

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You can also use tweets, smiles, and likes to entice users to look at your profile.

The Zoosk dating app is known as one of the best dating apps available on the market because of its photo verification tool. Users may use this method to determine who they are conversing with. However, the app goes a step further by demanding verification of all social media accounts and phone numbers.

What if you don’t want to confirm your social media accounts and phone number? Do you have access to the Zoosk dating app? It is possible, but note that doing so will help you get the most out of the app.

For many people, connecting their social media accounts and phone numbers is a loss of privacy. It means that people they don’t know have access to knowledge from their inner circle. It may lead some people to be reluctant to use the dating app.

However, you’ll be glad to know that it is possible to use Zoosk without Facebook.

Don’t Give Up Your Privacy: How To Use Zoosk Without Facebook.

If you’re concerned about privacy, don’t worry; there are ways to use the app without linking your social media account or personal phone number. However, make sure to read – site’s terms of service to ensure you are not breaching them.

Create A New FB For Zoosk Only

You can build a Zoosk-only Facebook account because Zoosk needs a Facebook account to use its services. Develop a new account with a pseudonym (something you might already be named or don’t mind using as an alias).

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Again, you must carefully read Facebook’s terms of service. Creating several accounts on Facebook is a breach of the company’s terms of service. Consequently, the only way to get around it is to build an FB account that isn’t connected to your “real” FB account. And the only way to secure your identity is to create a Zoosk-only Facebook profile.

Since Facebook uses a phone number to verify identities, you must use a phone number that is not specified on your existing FB account. will provide you with one. The number is only valid for 10 minutes – just long enough to check your new Facebook account.

Sign-Up to Zoosk With A Temporary Burner Phone Number

It is possible to sign up for Zoosk without using Facebook by using a one-time useable phone number. You can obtain this number by going to, which will produce it for you. The number is valid for a long enough time to validate your Zoosk account (the number is also usable for other sites but will expire after 10 minutes).

You Can Safely Date Using Zoosk

Although Zoosk requires some form of personal identification to use its services, it is entirely possible to avoid it by creating an account with a Zoosk-FB-only account or a randomized one-time-only phone number. Using Zoosk without Facebook is a violation of the site’s terms of service. If your privacy is a concern, using a random number from is the only way to use Zoosk without disclosing your details.

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