Three (3) Obstacles That Every Solopreneur Faces And How To Surmount Them

There’s a lot on your shoulders as a solopreneur. Because you are a one-person operation, you have complete control over how many clients you have, how many hours you work, and how much revenue you generate. You are in charge of your destiny. You are the one who makes the rules and reaps the benefits.

However, those benefits only come after you’ve invested the time and effort necessary to set your company up for success. After all, having a few clients from time to time isn’t enough to build a full-time, long-term business. Being a successful solopreneur necessitates planning, execution, and having dependable partners and services on your side, such as VSP® Individual Vision Plans.

Here are some common challenges faced by solopreneurs, as well as some suggestions for how to overcome them.

1. You forget the fundamentals of business.

As a solopreneur, your business is built on a skill that you’ve developed over time. Maybe you’ve worked in that industry for another company and now want to go out on your own and start your own company. If that’s the case, you may have already lined up a few clients from your contact list. That means you’ve gotten off to a great start. Congratulations on your achievement!

What happens, however, when it’s time to scale? This business you’ve started is now your full-time job. You’ll need to find more customers if you want to increase your revenue. If you’ve spent all of your time catering to a small number of clients and not much else, this could be not easy.

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Solopreneurs, like other businesses, should pay attention to basic business principles. The need to market yourself is perhaps the most important. Even solopreneurs benefit from the exposure of having a website because so much research about brands and services is done online.

A website for a solopreneur should accomplish several goals:

  • Clearly state the services or products you provide, as well as your level of expertise.
  • Give examples of your work and explain how you differ from the competition.
  • Make it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you.
  • Make it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you.

With basic search engine optimization techniques in place, your website will ideally appear in search engine results pages, providing you with the exposure your company requires to grow.

2. We are financially prepared for the worst-case scenario.

What happens if you’re a landscaper and a warm winter means less revenue from snow plowing? What happens if you’re a graphic designer and your most important client suddenly stops hiring you?

Unexpected events happen all the time, regardless of your profession. While you’re concentrating on starting and growing your business, the last thing you need is to face a personal financial crisis resulting from a drop in revenue.

For solopreneurs, having a financial safety net is a good idea. Determine a comfortable schedule for putting aside a portion of your profits — weekly, monthly, or several times a year — and stick to it. It’ll take some time, but the goal is to eventually have enough money in the bank to cover several months’ worth of expenses in the event of an emergency.

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3. We are safeguarding your most valuable possession.

Your most valuable asset as a solopreneur is you. You can always outsource specific tasks or projects, but your brand’s face and foundation are you and your skills. As a result, if something unexpected happens to you, your company is likely to suffer as well.

Aside from an injury or illness, your vision is an important factor to consider because it affects almost everything you do. You may believe your vision is perfect right now and fail to notice warning signs that you need an eye exam or more.

You want a cost-effective plan that covers your needs without forcing you to pay for services you won’t use as a solopreneur. Because you’re short on time, you’ll need a provider with a straightforward contract and surprisingly good customer service. It may appear impossible to locate, but it is not. VSP Individual Vision Plans can help with that.

VSP’s plans, which start at $13 per month and provide an average savings of more than $200 per year, are designed specifically for the self-employed to buy vision coverage on their own at affordable prices.

Also, VSP Individual Vision Plans give you access to the nation’s largest network of independent eye doctors, as well as customizable benefits like a comprehensive eye exam, prescription lenses with covered lens enhancements, and more. VSP also does not have a single enrollment period so that anyone can enroll in an Individual Vision Plan at any time.


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