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Premium Tax Credit: Act Now to Keep Getting Advance Payments

Due to COVID-19, IRS processing delays can affect your premium tax credit advance payments.

Self-attest now that you’ve filed a tax return to resolve previous advance payments to keep receiving premium tax credit advance payments in 2021. Log in to your marketplace account and follow the directions there to self-attest.

Particular Enrollment Period Through May 15, 2021

There is a particular enrollment period for health insurance through from now until May 15, 2021. During this time, if you don’t have health insurance, you can sign up for coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. You or your family members could be eligible for premium tax credit advance payments if you or your family members participate in the range via the Health Insurance Marketplace. Visit for more information.

For guidance about how to contact the federally facilitated and state-based marketplaces, see the map below.

The Health Insurance Marketplace, also known as the Health Insurance Exchange, is a website where individuals who do not have health insurance can learn about their choices and buy health insurance. There’s also information on whether you’re eligible for aid paying your premiums and lowering your out-of-pocket expenses. The Marketplace has an open enrollment period once a year.

There is a state-based Marketplace in addition to the federally-facilitated Marketplace, The state in which you reside determines whether you use the federally-facilitated Marketplace or a state-based Marketplace. You will be asked for your ZIP code when you visit If you live in a state-based Marketplace’s service area, you’ll be redirected to that state’s Marketplace’s website.

Health care insurance purchased through the Marketplace.

At the start of the tax filing season, you can obtain a Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement, if you bought health insurance via the Marketplace. Form 1095-A contains information that will assist you in completing your federal individual income tax return. Check the full-year coverage box on your tax return if Form 1095-A indicates coverage for you and everybody in your family for the entire year. The total monthly health insurance premiums paid to the insurance provider you chose via the Marketplace are reported on Form 1095-A, among other items. It shows the amount of premium assistance you got in the form of premium tax credit advance payments made directly to your insurance provider if any were made. See our Corrected, Wrong, or Voided Forms 1095-A questions and answers to see how it affects your taxes if you got a Form 1095-A with incorrect details.

Even if you are not expected to file a federal income tax return, you must complete Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit, and file a federal income tax return if you chose to have advance payments of the premium tax credit paid directly to the insurance provider. These fees must be reconciled — or compared — to the premium tax credit you’ll calculate on your tax return. You must file a federal income tax return to accept the premium tax credit, even though you did not want to collect advance payments. If you file your return without reconciling your advance payments, your reimbursement may be deferred, and any advance credit payments will be affected. See the section below for more information on the consequences of failing to reconcile advance premium tax credit payments.

You will get a copy of Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement, from your account if you bought coverage via the federally facilitated Marketplace and set up a account. Visit your Marketplace’s website to learn how to obtain a copy of your Form 1095-A via the internet. To complete your tax return, you can use either the details from your online account, if it is available, or the Form 1095-A that was mailed to you.

Failing to file tax returns will prevent advance payments in the next year.

The IRS advises taxpayers who received advance payments of the premium tax credit to file their tax returns on time to collect advance payments from their Marketplace the following year.

If you or a member of your family received advance payments of the premium tax credit and did not file a tax return reconciling those payments, you would not be eligible for future advance payments of the premium tax credit or cost-sharing reductions to help pay for your Marketplace health insurance coverage. You will be responsible for the entire cost of the monthly premiums as well as all covered programs. Also, we can contact you to request payment of any or all of the premium tax credit advance payments.

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In the fall, before the new coverage year begins, marketplaces will decide eligibility for advance tax credit payments and cost-sharing reductions for the previous coverage year. If you electronically file your tax return with Form 8962 by the due date, you will significantly increase your odds of receiving this assistance.

If you are concerned about the details on your Form 1095-A, or about getting Form 1095-A, or about a letter you got, contact your Marketplace or go to

Marketplace Contact Information

State Marketplace name and website Telephone number TTY number
All states not listed below 800-318-2596 TTY: 855-889-4325
California Covered California 800-300-1506 TTY: 888-889-4500
Colorado Connect for Health Colorado 855-752-6749 TTY: 855-346-3432
Connecticut AccessHealthCT 855-805-4325 TTY: 855-789-2428
District of Columbia DC Health Link 855-532-5465 TTY: 711-1-532-5465
Idaho Your Health Idaho 855-944-3246 Not available
Kentucky KYnect 855-459-6328 TTY: 855-326-4654
Maryland Maryland Health Connection 855-642-8572 TTY: 855-642-8573
Massachusetts Massachusetts Health Connector 877-623-6765 TTY: 877-623-7773
Minnesota MNsure 855-366-7873 TTY: 800-627-3529
Nevada Nevada Health Link 855-768-5465 TTY: 855-853-8100
New Mexico Be Well NM 855-996-6449 TTY: 855-889-4325
New York NY State of Health 855-355-5777 TTY: 800-662-1220
Oregon 855-268-3767 TTY: 800-735-2900
Rhode Island HealthSource RI 855-840-4774 TTY: 888-657-3173
Vermont Vermont Health Connect 855-899-9600 TTY: 888-834-7898
Washington Washington Health Benefit Exchange 855-923-4633 TTY: 855-627-9604

Purchasing health care coverage through the Marketplace and reporting changes

Each year, qualifying taxpayers can participate in the Health Insurance Marketplace during open enrollment and special enrollment periods. Visit or contact your state-based Marketplace for updates on enrollment periods.

If you purchased insurance through the Marketplace, you must notify the Marketplace of any changes in your circumstances, such as changes in your household income or family size. Changes in your circumstances can affect your premium tax credit advance payments. You could be eligible for a particular enrollment period if you declare a change of events, which allows you to buy health care insurance via the Exchanges outside of the open enrollment period. For more information on disclosing changes in conditions and special enrollment, go to’s Marketplace.

See the Premium Tax Credit Adjustment Estimator on our Affordable Care Act Estimator Tools page to measure the impact of changes in circumstances on the amount of premium tax credit you can receive.

Visit to learn more about the Premium Tax Credit and other Affordable Care Act tax provisions.

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Small Business Health Options Program Marketplace

The SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program Marketplace) helps small companies provide health insurance to their employees. Although the SHOP Marketplace was historically only available to businesses with 50 or fewer full-time equivalent workers, some states make it available to businesses with up to 100 employees beginning in 2016. Contact the state Department of Insurance or the SHOP Call Center if you have more than 50 employees and are unsure if you should use the SHOP Marketplace.

The SHOP Marketplace, which is also available to non-profits, helps you have health and dental coverage customized to the company’s and employees’ needs. SHOP gives you a lot of options, as well as the ability to apply and maintain your account online. You can join SHOP at any time of the year. When it comes to selling a SHOP contract, there is no time limit for when you can do so.

Small businesses that sell health insurance through the SHOP Marketplace could be eligible for a tax credit for small business health care.

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