Step by Step Guide on How to Know Your Glo Number

Know Your Glo Number: You probably have a Glo SIM you used and don’t remember your SIM card number, or you likely have so many SIM cards that you use, and you are looking for the number to one of the airtel sims, all the information will be found here.

Were you in a situation where you need and can’t provide your Glo number to anyone? It may take some time to get used to this new number if you have more than one mobile phone number or just purchased a new line.

The primary service providers in Nigeria are aware that you may be at risk, so they have provided shortcuts to dial and obtain your mobile numbers without memorizing or checking the SIM packs. You’ve come to the right place; look no further.

This paper describes how to use USSD code for checking glo numbers and other easy ways. There are many difficulties with many SIMs, one of which is the failure to remember your SIM number. If you can’t remember your Glo line number, that’s what you have to do.

In those temporary SIMs, we use them daily, mostly if you have discarded the SIM pack after purchase; it is difficult to track numbers. You also find it challenging to save the SIM number when you get a new SIM card.

I’ve experienced this before, and sometimes I try to load airtime on the SIM and call somebody around me so that they tell me my phone number when the phone rings.

Ways To Know Your Glo Number

Globacom is now Nigeria’s second-largest telecoms operator and Western Africa’s most used data network, with MTN being the first. Four working ways to control your Glo number are listed below.

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1.You Make Use Of The Official Glo Website

If you use an internet-enabled device, it will probably be easy to use your browser for your Glo number. The web address below is all you need to do.

You should be able to view your telephone number in the left-hand corner of the page once the page has been fully loaded.

2.You Use a USSD Number

It’s similar to Methode 2, but you dial a USSD code here that tells you about your Glo number. Start the dialer app for your mobile phone and mark the following number for your Glo number.

Compose *135*8#

And so, the USSD Code Method is easy to apply. Let’s look at the following last method.

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3.You Can Dial a Call Number

By dialing the short call number provided by Glo from the line in which you want to know your phone number, you can quickly check your Glo number.

The dial number is 1244.

Then you will have a voice prompt that reads your number to you loudly.

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4.You Can Call or Text a Friend

One obvious method should be the first and most comfortable. All you need to do is recharge your Glo line with airtime and then use it to call or send a friend’s text message. Your number will appear on the other person’s mobile phone so that you can receive your phone number.

There are a number of ways you can use to know your phone number Glo at the end of the day. You feel most comfortable trying to check your Glo phone number using any of the methods outlined above.

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