Small Business Tips – How To Sell On The Facebook Marketplace

To compete with listing sites such as Craigslist, Facebook has recently launched a new feature – Facebook Marketplace.

This feature allows users to purchase and sell what they want – well, practically anything – within 100km. Here’s how to begin with a 10-stage checklist, marketing on Facebook Marketplace.

Here’s how to sell on Facebook Marketplace (10 simple steps)

  1. Open Facebook and sign in
  2. Select the tab Marketplace (That is at the left side of your page in the menu bar, it’s at the bottom of the mobile desktops)
  3. Click the ‘Sell Something’ button on the desktop, or go to ‘What are you selling?’ on mobile and pick your category
  4. Add a product name and description, price, and category
  5. Click on the ‘Add Photos” icon
  6. Choose and upload your photo(s)
  7. Confirm your location (this allows Facebook to show your product to appropriate audiences)
  8. Click the ‘Post’ on desktop or ‘Next’ on mobile and watch out for bid notifications and messages
  9. Accept your final bid and decide on a payment set-up, e.g., PayPal
  10. Agree how you’ll package up, send and track delivery of your product

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What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a new feature in its Facebook mobile app that lists items or services to be sold to locals.

Users can browse listings within their area from 1 km to 100 km and the options’ make offer’ and ‘message seller’ once they see something of their like.

Although an offer on the product is possible, Facebook has not incorporated an e-commerce function (yet.)

Prices can also be searched, while the categories indicate the wide range of services and for whom the product can be catered in the future. The feature could hit small business owners across the board, from artisans to merchants.

Why did Facebook introduce Marketplace?

Put – request. Today, more than 450 million people are using Facebook groups to buy and sell, and the social media giant has decided to fight while the iron is hot since it’s so well done.

Facebook Marketplace is catering to a very obvious market thanks to Websites’ proven popularity as Craigslist, but with additional advantages. Buyers and sellers can check out people with whom they are dealing and add an element of trust which may sometimes not be available on other listing sites by adding each listing linked to a true profile.

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How to use Facebook Marketplace

The Marketplace of Facebook can essentially be divided into two different journeys: purchase and sale.

How to sell on Facebook Marketplace

It couldn’t be easier, honestly. Click on the “sell” camera icon to open the Marketplace Register.

You can then upload an existing image or take a new one on your camera roll. You will need to add the product name, description, category, and price after capturing and uploading your item. You will also need to confirm your location to allow Facebook to display your product to a suitable public.

Take a look at your messages or bid notifications, and once an agreement is reached, you will need to know how to pay, as there is no built-in e-commerce solution on Facebook (expect that to change in the future). The easiest and safest solution could well be PayPal.

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How to buy things on Facebook Marketplace

Well, first of all, choose how to look. You can use the categories function to narrow the search if you have a certain item or type of product in mind.

However, if you’re browsing, open and start scrolling. All you need to do is adjust the distance slider according to your preferences.

Tap the picture and see the description and seller’s place when you see something you would like to purchase. If you feel skeptical, you can also check the profile of the lister.

Then two options will be presented: ‘make an offer’ and ‘message seller.’ These options are rather self-explaining.

Will Facebook Marketplace take off?

It’s hard to say, frankly. But we know that Facebook puts a lot of money into its latest business. The messenger’s icon was moved to Marketplace from the app’s navigation bar’s heart to indicate that the social networking giant is a priority.

In comparison with competitors like Craigslist, the Facebook marketplace has some clear benefits:

1. Between the buyer and the seller, there is a greater level of trust. You can see their Facebook profile and learn a little about the person with whom you deal in advance.

2. It’s super comfortable and very prominent. With millions of people involved daily with Facebook, Marketplace is already troublingly familiar, although it has recently been added. It could be the king of spontaneous shopping.

3. It looks good, and you can use it easily. You can’t say anything about all sites on the list. The usually minimal interface is easy to start, and most people already register before they even click on it.

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