Six (6) Steps To Creating The Ultimate Webinar

For a long time, the only time you could use a strong presentation was in person. Speakers traveled from city to city, giving talks at other people’s organized meetings, churches, hotel ballrooms, and convention centers.

Authors, professional speakers, promoters of various opportunities, reality TV stars, corporate trainers, and consultants regularly hit the road to deliver their messages to audiences. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, investment advisors, and other professionals and business owners attend civic groups, business groups, and luncheons; advertise and promote their seminars and introductory classes; and possibly go into companies and do lunch-and-learn sessions for the host’s employees, always presenting to audiences. What if, on the other hand, you could draw the audience into the presentation?

Don’t get us wrong: we still prefer the “old school” approach. It’s effective. By any tangible measurement: made, customers obtained, appointments booked, it usually works better than anything done online with the same presentation. However, traveling across the country or around the world, or even just around your city, to deliver your presentation comes at a high financial and time cost. Some people would never attend a free preview seminar, an “executive briefing,” or otherwise put themselves in front of an audience, but who could be excellent prospects for your company.

This is where the value of online media is realized. If you have a successful presentation that you’ve perfected in front of live audiences, there’s a 99 percent chance it can be adapted to work as a webinar — short for “webinar delivered on the web.” This allows you to communicate while sleeping. It will enable you to reach audiences you wouldn’t be able to get in person. It boosts the impact of your presentation. It enables a one-person audience to watch your presentation whenever he wants, on-demand, in the same way that he watches movies, TV shows, or sports game replays. It lets you force a group of people to watch it at a specific time and date, just like you would if you were traveling to and holding a meeting in a hotel. It’s adaptable, efficient, and can even be completely automated.

Our Ultimate Webinar Formula is as follows:

1. Congestion

You must invite and motivate your audience to attend your webinar in the same way that you must invite and encourage people to attend a physical meeting. There are a plethora of options available. There are email, offline, magazine, radio, and television ads, as well as opportunities, to have others promote your webinar for you.

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2. Registration.

It’s uncommon to want to set up a webinar for direct, on-demand access without requiring registration. People are accustomed to signing up for seminars and classes, so there is little opposition. You also require this contact list for follow-up purposes.

A headline, a photo of the presenter, and some sales copy about what you’ll learn if you watch are all essential elements of a great registration page. They also include a countdown timer so that they can see how quickly the clock is ticking! It’s getting closer to the time when this webinar will be no longer available.

3. Create an atmosphere of anticipation

Don’t take people’s enthusiasm or follow-through for granted. That’s why the registration page has a sales copy. Suppose there is a time gap between registration and the webinar (or a life event). In that case, a series of follow-up emails and texts, possibly voice broadcasts, and possibly mail should be sent to pique their interest in the upcoming webinar. Getting someone registered is often just the beginning of a process, not the end. You must persuade those who have registered to attend! The good news is that, like the webinar’s playback and replay, all of this can be automated.

4. The performance

This is the most straightforward part. All you have to do now is deliver the Signature Presentation, which you’ve honed and (ideally) battle-tested in front of live audiences. It can be an utterly prerecorded video or a webcast that takes place live.

The ability to stampede people to the back of the room to sign up for or buy whatever you’re offering is one significant difference between a webinar and a live presentation. Instead, you’ll probably want to send your audience to a page called a “Hot List.” This is a separate website to which you will direct them or have them click, where they will re-opt-in before enrolling, ordering, or scheduling with you. We usually split the request for their contact information and then their purchase information into two opt-in pages so that if they leave without completing the purchase, we know how to contact them. This is our most recent list of promising prospects. Calling your company or an outsourced call center may be added as an option or even a substitute at times.

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5. Keep in touch

A lot of follow-up activity revolves around your webinar. It generates various lists of people for various types of follow-up marketing:

  • Everyone who buys or performs the substitute action you’ve requested
  • Anyone on the Hot List who does not complete their purchase or action will be removed from the list.
  • Those who viewed the webinar but did not register for the Hot List
  • Everyone who signed up for the webinar but didn’t show up or watch it

You can do automated retargeting with and in addition to your own direct follow-up via email, text, mail, and phone. A follow-up message can literally follow the recipient all over the place.

6. Stay the course and go above and beyond.

Whether you’re using your webinar to sell a product, get people to request free information, or set up an appointment, you should immediately email them a confirmation of what they did, a confirmation of what’s on the way, and, if it was a purchase, a. This can also be used to offer an immediate upsell to a deluxe or larger version of what they just purchased or to set up a second, sequential sale in some cases. People want instant gratification now more than ever, so even if your product is physical (not digital) and will be shipped to them, or if they’ve scheduled a phone consultation or a visit to your office, showroom, or store for a later date, it’s a good idea to give them something extra they can consume right away. This could be something like an educational video, a downloadable information item, or a membership site.

You can leverage your effective presence to a much greater extent when you move it online and wrap these six results boosters around it than if you just packed your laptop with your PowerPoint slides and played Have Speech, Will Travel.

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