How to Track Someone with Phone Number in Nigeria


You might need to watch someone’s identity on their phone for a variety of reasons. Many people use a phone tracker to find out where their phone is if it has been stolen.

This article describes how to track someone using their phone number and lists the best phone trackers in Nigeria.

How to Track Someone with Phone Number in Nigeria

Call stalking is the most common cause for people to want to know who is using their phone number. When you receive unwanted phone calls or messages from unknown numbers, this is known as phone abuse. Phone abuse is both illegal and dangerous because it disrupts a person’s peace and is a security breach.

Phone abuse can be perpetrated by the following individuals:

  1. A scammer who wants to find out more about you so as to steal your money
  2. An ex-partner such as a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife
  3. A business partner whose business deal with you went wrong
  4. A prankster who is simply playing around

It is important that you are able to identify the caller so that you can determine what action to take in response to the phone abuse. Do you have any of the following symptoms?

  1. Someone disturbing your phone continually with calls
  2. Someone making offensive suggestions, requests, or comments
  3. Someone calling you and refusing to identify himself/herself
  4. Someone who keeps calling you even after you have requested no further contact
  5. Someone is trying to intimidate you over the phone by using tactics such as switching identities, silence, deep voice, etc.

There are a variety of websites that provide tracking services for phone numbers. You must exercise extreme caution because many of these websites are vulnerable and could be attempting to defraud you. Don’t offer out any personal information on websites you’re unfamiliar with. Before you trust a website, make sure you read the feedback. Any of these websites are only interested in your phone number in order to send you spam messages in the future, which you can stop. In the event of a stolen phone, cell phone tracking via GPS, rather than phone number tracking, may be used to locate the phone. The phone will be tracked more specifically with GPS monitoring, and you will receive the correct address.

Previously, deciding who is calling or has called you was a daunting job. This was due to the restricted options for determining the caller’s identity as well as terminating unwanted communications (calls, SMS). However, there are now ways to monitor someone in Nigeria who has a phone number. There are the following:

Call your network provider.

Contacting the network service provider is one of the first steps in tracking down anyone with a phone number. Call logs are kept by network service providers, which means you can inquire about specific calls. However, even if you have completely authenticated your story or reasons for having this information, network providers can only send you the city and state from which the call was made for security reasons. You may even tell them to keep an eye out for the phone number in case they need it for anything else.

Note that there are various websites and apps that claim to be able to assist you in determining the identity of a Nigerian phone number user. The phone number trackers mentioned below are the most common in Nigeria and have a high level of confidence.

The following applications are all you’ll need to track a mobile phone:

A cell phone

A smartphone/Laptop


Truecaller is a well-known caller ID app that allows you to track an individual using their phone number. The software is also completely free to use. The true caller may also monitor the location of callers. True Caller is the most up-to-date app on the Play Store for this reason. You can also block unwanted contacts and stop spam calls and SMS with True Caller.

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How Truecaller works

If someone on your phone’s contact list downloads or installs the Truecaller app, your personal information (name and phone number) is added to the Truecaller database (with or without your permission)

Truecaller does not automatically show your contact information. However, users can search for you by name. When you call a Truecaller user who doesn’t have you on their contact list, the app’s caller ID feature searches the database and identifies you, inadvertently “unlocking” your identity and revealing it to the caller.


This application can also assist you in determining the identity of an unknown phone number. It can also assist you in locating a secret phone number that calls you regularly.

How Trapcall works

  1. Go to your play store and download the TrapCall app on your Android phone or iPhone
  2. Sign up to activate the service
  3. A Blocked Caller, Private Caller, simply declines an incoming call from an unknown call D (someone for whom you do not have contact information), by pressing the decline button on your phone.
  4. When you have declined the call, it gets forwarded to TrapCall
  5. After a few seconds, Trapcall will send the information of the caller right back to you.

You will be given the caller’s name and address if you are a Premium or Ultimate Trapcall app user. The app contains a Live Caller ID feature (available only on iPhone), which allows you to put a name and a face to an unknown caller. Live caller ID also generates a contact on your phone with this information so that the next time you get a call from this number, you’ll be able to see their information right away.

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The majority of websites that provide phone number tracking services are only available in some countries, such as India and the United States. Some of them still don’t have precise information. However, the ones mentioned above are the most well-known and widely used in Nigeria.

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