How To Enable Read Receipts On Android, iOS, And Other Messengers

Sending messages and not receiving responses can be a very unpleasant experience. For example, when you have a crush on someone, you are usually depressed or irritated, so you take the time to compose a message or try to engage them in the discussion, only to discover that you are pushing yourself to hire them or send messages without receiving a response. Well, if you’ve sent important text messages to someone and they don’t respond at all, you’ll be curious to know if they’ve read it, forgotten about you, or are too preoccupied with their work. If you’re in this situation, we’ll show you how to read receipts on Android, iOS, and other communication platforms.

How to enable Read Receipts on Android, iOS, and other chat messengers

It is not an issue if you send a simple message to someone who ignores you, but if the matter or your motivation for sending the text message is urgent, you may find that not receiving an answer is an issue. To keep in mind, all of these recipients do not disregard communications; some are simply focused on their work. Apart from that, we’ll show you how to allow the receipt to be viewed so you can find out if you’re being missed.

Checking message status in an iOS device

Let’s start with how to enable receipt reading on your iPhone. This method only works if the receiver’s read message reception is enabled and both the sender and the recipient are using iPhone iMessage. If all of these conditions are met, proceed to the next step to confirm the message’s status:

Step 1: On your device, locate the Settings and navigate to the page.

Step 2: From the settings list available, go to Messages

Step 3: Toggle the switch to turn on the ‘Send Read Receipts’ once you’ve found it.

Note: If the recipient uses a device other than an iOS smartphone, this approach will not function.

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Checking message status on Android device

Similar to the iOS device, Android users can also verify their read receipts, but these settings can only be used if both the sender and the recipient use the same device, in this example, Android. Read receipts are enabled by default on Android devices, though the method varies slightly depending on the device maker. However, doing these steps will almost always ensure that the receipt is read.

Step 1: On your android device, launch a text message app.

Step 2: Navigate to Settings, then Text Messages.

Step 3: Because Read Receipts is enabled by default, turn it off. It’s also possible to leave it alone.

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Social media apps

We’ll now look at how to set up read receipts in social media apps. When it comes to these programs, there are two well-known sites where people usually talk about them: Facebook and Whatsapp. We’ll walk you through the steps to read WhatsApp’s receipt because Facebook doesn’t allow it on their website.

Step 1: Locate and launch the WhatsApp application

Step 2: Navigate to Settings

Step 3: Go to Account and then Privacy

Step 4: Now, uncheck the Read Receipts.

As simple as that, these are the procedures to enable and disable Read Receipts on Android, iOS, and other messengers. Was this information helpful? I hope so, and I encourage you to tell your friends about it.

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