Five (5) Reasons You Should Use Facebook Marketplace Instead Of Craigslist


Want to sell old things or unwanted things? Craigslist’s resource for a long time, allowing you to post local classified ads without any cost. But I’m here to defend the marketplace in Facebook, which in nearly every way I think is superior.

I would go so far that it is not only faster, more comfortable, and more secure than Craigslist. Let’s look at the several marketplace points, after which you can tell me why I’m crazy, and Craigslist is better.

It’s easier to create listings on your phone.

Craigslist does not have a mobile app, and although creating an ad using your mobile browser is not particularly difficult, the Facebook app will certainly make it easier.

This is the process, in fact:

Step 1: Tap in the “What are you listing” field and then choose Items for Sale.

Step 2: Add (or capture) photos.

Step 3: Fill in the remaining details, such as price, category, and description.

Step 4: If you want, add the listing to any local for-sale groups you’re already a member of (another perk).

Quickly! You are done. You are done. In about 60 seconds, I can usually get an item — a little more if it needs a detailed description. The interface of Craigslist is slower and more clunky, especially if photos are being added.

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It’s easier to browse listings on your phone.

Similarly, the lack of a Craigslist app means that you have to access lists from your browser. It would help if you much had much more navigation, a lot of tapping when you look at an item, go back to the previous page, etc.

In the Facebook app, you’ll be placed on your local listing with a tap of the Marketplace icon, where the available items can be scrolled immediately. Filter the listings according to location or distance, category, and price also quickly. And if you want to read the gifts, there’s a “free” button.

Talking about location and distance is another big market plus: you can specify a search radius, not only counties like Craigslist.

It’s probably safer.

Craigslist enables total anonymity to be used, better or worse. From your item to your address and identity, you can make almost anything false. (Indeed, this might have led to many deplorable crimes for the service.)

The marketplace on Facebook is directly linked to the Facebook accounts of buyers and sellers. They could also, of course, be faked, but you can at least look into a profile of a person, find out how long they were on Facebook, check their past activity in the market, etc. (If anything seems suspicious, you can also report them.)

Market place should be a safer way of buying and selling goods due to this responsibility (not on Craigslist). Of course, I can’t mention data supporting that theory, and there are no guarantees. I say they are less likely to make a shady deal when someone attaches their name and face to something.

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It offers better odds for selling your item.

Let me talk both from personal and anecdotal experience. My Facebook market share success rate is around 70 percent. I sold things that same day I posted them in some cases.

It’s about 25 percent on Craigslist. I’ve got a couple of guesses why—first, the convenience mentioned above of browsing articles through the marketplace. I don’t think that people are browsing on Craigslist; they’re searching. So, for someone to stumble on my item, there is less chance.

Second, Facebook had about 2.2 billion users at the last count. That’s a lot of eyeballs, and while, of course, only part of them are looking at your ad, it’s a good bet that there are more than your Craigslist ad will be looking at. It’s just a game of numbers.

Increase the most external communication (see below) and higher responsibilities (see above) into that mix. I believe that you are more likely to sell on the market than on Craigslist.

And when you talk about odds, please be sure to read these five tips for Facebook sales.

You don’t have to give out your phone number or email address.

You may not feel comfortable sharing your telephone and email address when you’re dealing with strangers. Fortunately, without revealing these details, Facebook allows communication.

Instead, Messenger provides instant messages – which also allow telephone calls as they happen. So, as you would through traditional media, you can easily connect to the other party without revealing private information.

And this is it! And this is it! This is my case with Craigslist Marketplace. I believe that the former is a better platform for locals to buy and sell. OKOK? OKOK? Is that not the case? Tell me why hit the comments.

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