Beginning And Marketing An App – A Beginner’s Guide


If this is your first time developing a mobile app, you probably have many questions: Is it worth it? Does this make sense to you? What will people do if they find out about it?

I’ve assisted in developing over 100 apps in categories ranging from utility to social networking, so several questions from entrepreneurs about the process. Here are the many asked questions, along with the answers.

I have many app ideas. Which one should I pursue?

Don’t limit yourself to a single app idea; most successful entrepreneurs have built their businesses on multiple ideas. Building an app is similar to attempting to release a hit single in the music industry: you never know which one will be successful. Give each app four to six months after launch to see if it’s gaining traction, and if it doesn’t, move on to the next idea.

I have an app idea, but where do I start?

Begin by writing down your concept as clearly as possible. Search the Internet for prototyping tools and create a detailed, screen-by-screen mock-up or wireframe of your app. Once you’ve figured out what you need, look for a company that can design and develop it for you.

How do I know whether the customer wants my app?

With a prototype, you can get to market quickly. Don’t put off creating a full app with all of the features. Develop the app’s core features and determine whether or not the customer is ready to purchase. You’ll get a lot of helpful feedback from your paying customers if they do.

Should I build a mobile website or a native app?

There are nearly a million apps each in the iOS and Android app stores, and you’re up against the best for visibility and engagement. Mobile websites, in my opinion, do not provide a unique user experience or add as much value to the customer. Websites are to desktop computers what apps are to mobile phones. Do not combine the two.

Should we build the app in-house or outsource?

Among other popular products today, Alibaba,, Digg, and Skype were outsourced in their early days. Keep costs low and choose an outsourced provider who best understands your requirements for the first iteration of your product. Your top priority should be getting the product into the hands of customers as soon as possible. You can take over development and maintenance in-house once you see an actual demand for your product and it starts to gain traction.

How do I submit an app to the Apple App Store or Android Market?

Create Apple and Google developer accounts by registering on their websites and paying the $99 and $25 annual app store fees, respectively. Your developers should handle the process of submitting your app to the app stores.

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Should I offer my application as free and then figure out how to make money later?

You have a one-in-a-million (or even lower) chance of becoming the next Facebook or Twitter. It’s entirely up to you. Having a clear monetization strategy from the start is critical if you want to build a business.

I’ve built my app. Now what?

Products do not sell themselves; you must go directly to the customer and make the item accessible to them. For an app, it’s the same. While app store optimization can aid in your ability to be discovered, gaining significant traction for your app is not enough to make it a viable business. To gain visibility, you must market your app.

How do I market my app?

A third-party endorsement is the best form of publicity for your application, as it is for any business. Tech blogger reviews, press coverage, and word of mouth are all excellent avenues to pursue, and it’s critical to keep them up if you start to gain traction. Also, pay close attention to the reviews left by your app’s users, and work extra hard to correct any negative feedback.

Should I create a cross-platform app?

Because cross-platform apps are frequently riddled with bugs, and it isn’t easy to provide consistent experiences across platforms, they rarely provide rich experiences for users. There’s a reason why different coding languages exist for various platforms, each of which has its software development kit (SDKs).

How much does it cost to develop an app?

This question is similar to asking how much a house or car costs: the answer is dependent on a variety of factors. Depending on the app’s complexity and overall features, development costs can range from $3,000 to $100,000 or more.

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What if my app doesn’t work?

Many app ideas, like many business ideas, are doomed to fail. Successful people make bad decisions all the time, but they always bounce back and try new things after learning from their mistakes. If the current app idea fails to produce results, move on to the next one.

If you have any additional questions or experiences to share about building an app, please leave them in the comments section below.

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