7(seven) Latest Nigerian Children Hairstyles

Another reason I’ll be talking about Nigerian children’s hairstyles because the state of our children’s hair can sometimes reveal how well the woman of the house performs her duties.

Making the lovely treasures God has given us happy is crucial, and one of the most acceptable ways to do so is to make them appear wonderful and more lovely.

But how can youngsters look attractive if their hair isn’t given the attention it deserves?

You won’t have to worry about coming up with anything stylish and trendy for your little girl since I’ll walk you through a succession of lovely haircuts to style her.

If you neglect your hair, no matter how well you care for your body, you will appear disheveled or shabby.

This stresses the significance of hairstyling for both adults and children. Hairstyles for Nigerian children do not have to be complicated to be attractive.

Simple haircuts can bring out the beauty in your female child, but they may be based on your preference or your child’s patience.

As you can see in our list of popular Nigerian hairstyles, this can take the form of neatly placed cornrows, the usage of wool, thread, or even simple braids with or without extensions.

Children are occasionally unconcerned about their hairstyle until they see it on their peers, especially if it is heavily beaded.

Even so, some people are unconcerned. Simply told, most mothers go to great lengths to make their children’s hair more attractive, even when they are not complying.

When they witness a baby weep and weep during the process of making the hair, some men get angry with the stylist or the mother and come to visit them after the hair is done.

They throw their heads around aimlessly to flaunt their new hairstyle.

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Koroba Hairstyle

In English, Koroba is known as a basket style because the hair is woven downwards from the middle, resembling a basket turned downwards.

Korova is a one-of-a-kind hairdo that harkens back to a long-ago tradition. This hairstyle reveals the scalp and allows for plenty of airflow.

Shuku Styles

This is another unique Nigerian children hairstyle as all the hair is weaved to the center of the head to form a pinnacle.

It is a significant hairstyle in Yoruba tradition and it can really look nice on children if well weaved.

The cornrows for some are straight while others which Yorubas call “shuku elewo” are of a slant formation.

All Back Baby Style

Because all of the hair is braided from the front to the rear, this is the easiest Nigerian children’s hairstyle. The main drawback is that it highlights the forehead, making it more visible.

So many schoolgirls hurry to do this hair during their free week, when they are allowed to do anything they want with their hair.

What is the reason for this?

Because it is quick and simple to prepare. It can also be done in a zigzag pattern.

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Two Steps

This is another lovely Nigerian children’s hairstyle in which all of the hair is braided into two layers, one of which is higher than the other.

All that is required here is for the entire hair to be divided in the center and for each piece to be braided as all back or shuku.

This may be preferable to an all-back since it elevates the hair rather than providing an all-around smooth interface.


This Nigerian infant hairdo, which translates to “clap your hands,” is created by vertically splitting the hair into two sections and weaving the two halves together to resemble two hands coming together.

I’m sure the illustration below does a better job of describing it.

Two Patewos

This is done by weaving two patewos together.

Curves can be added to any of the above Nigerian children’s hairstyles. That is, a new set of weaving that is entirely aimed to the front.

For example, patewo with curves and shuku with curves will resemble the following:

Police Cap Hair Style

This Nigerian children’s hairdo is designed to seem like a Nigerian police cap or, better yet, a beret.

All of the hair is woven to the front and swept to one side.

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