2021 Trending Products To Sell

You’ll need three things to succeed in high e-commerce: in-demand goods to sell, marketing expertise, and the desire to succeed.

You already have a winning attitude because you’re always studying, reading, and planning for success. However, identifying favorite items to market can be difficult. That’s why we update this list every year to help you find new product ideas that are currently trending.

This list contains 2021 trending items that will (hopefully!) aid in the discovery of new business ideas—or maybe inspire a great product to add to your current online store. We’re also sharing essential marketing tips for attracting new clients, as each niche product is designed for a specific audience.

From July to December 2020, the products on this list were the most common product categories on the Shopify platform.

Trending products to sell in 2021

Check out our list of hot items for 2021 that you can use to start your own online company.

  1. Doormats
  2. Household storage containers
  3. Kitchen towels
  4. Bike saddles
  5. Handheld device accessories
  6. Toy kitchens and play food
  7. Motor vehicle carpet and upholstery
  8. Bookcases and standing shelves
  9. Bookends
  10. Temporary tattoos
  11. Needlecraft patterns
  12. Hairstyling tools and accessories

1. Doormats

During the pandemic, doormats, like many other home decor items, have become common items on the internet. The more people who stay at home, the more likely they are to decorate and create a friendly environment. Doormats are more durable than rugs and help keep dirt and grime out of people’s homes.

According to a recent market prediction, fancy, fashionable, and comfortable doormats are in high demand. Doormats may also be purchased based on their usefulness, volume, content, or intended usage. You might, for example, sell industrial companies >150 cm rubber doormats or natural coir decorative doormats that fit a farmhouse-styled home.

Top doormat searches, according to Keywords Everywhere, are:

  • Doormats: 246,000/mo
  • Funny doormats: 33,100/mo
  • Indoor doormats: 18,100 /mo
  • Outdoor doormats: 12,100/mo

Buyers of non-commercial doormats are more concerned with appearance than with function. As a result, they’re ideal for tapping into niche markets. To attract new customers, you might run a pay-per-click ad campaign using Google Shopping advertising and Facebook ads.

Since home goods are likely to stay popular for some time, you can establish a brand around your niche and optimize your product pages to rank on Google and draw organic traffic. To attract high-intent customers and drive immediate sales, you can bundle doormats with other trending items in your store or partner with micro-influencers on social media.

2. Household storage containers

Household storage containers have recently become a popular trending commodity. We possibly see a rise due to the recent work-from-home trend, similar to other trending items in the home goods department. People may use storage bins to organize out-of-season items or clothes. They can also be used to store food and equipment, depending on the type and space you’re keeping things in.

The search term “storage containers” generates 135,000 monthly searches, with similar words “food storage containers” generating 74,000 monthly searches and “storage bins” generating 135,000 monthly searches, indicating that storage can be a lucrative online sector. There are several different types of storage containers to sell, which gives you a lot of new product options as you extend your line.

Begin by identifying the types of containers you want to sell—fabric, metal, cubes, plastic, custom design, bins with lids, food containers, and so on—and then advertise your product on famous home organizations and decor blogs. You may email them online and request that they connect back to your website’s items in round-up posts. (When people arrive at your site from an external blog post rather than an ad, they are more likely to buy.) Then, to recoup the sale, target people who looked at the product but didn’t buy it with retargeting ads.

Another choice is to collaborate or partner with interior designers to help market new products to their respective audiences. Shoppers are more likely to purchase if a product review comes from a reliable source.

3. Kitchen towels

The popularity of kitchen towels skyrocketed in the second half of 2020, and the current trend doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. According to recent estimates, the global kitchen towel market is projected to hit $20.9 billion by 2026. You don’t want to miss out on this hot product. Kitchen towels may be used to clean, dry, and keep hot utensils, among other things. The towels are also incredibly long-lasting, able to endure many uses and washings.

In this sector, there is a lot of competition. Market share is dominated by brands like Williams Sonoma, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Pier 1. However, they all appeal to the same demographic: older people with more disposable income, which gives you a distinct selling advantage.

Dropshipping prices for kitchen supplies are frequently smaller, allowing you to charge less than major retailers. You can market to younger, niche consumers who aren’t able to spend a lot of money on stuff like kitchen towels.

Although cloth kitchen towels are the most common, research shows that hand-knitted and crocheted towels are becoming more popular. They’re also using lighter and more absorbent towels thanks to newer innovations, including By Air Drying (TAD). Other kitchen accessories, such as aprons, placemats, table linens, and more, can be used to upsell kitchen towels.

Kitchen towels, for example, can be sold online using social media. By running-related campaigns, you can reach both older and younger audiences. You are targeting college students who have recently moved out of their parent’s home, for example. Your social media success is determined by how well you interact with each segment and create engaging content to attract buyers.

You can make a video to illustrate the advantages of your kitchen towels. And demonstrate how they can be used for more than just spill cleanup. Seasonal giveaways may also be used to advertise new towels and bestsellers. Facebook would be your best choice to promote because you can use behavioral targeting to identify consumers based on their tastes and shopping habits.

4. Bike saddles

Remember how bikes run out of stock in the summer of 2020? Bike saddles are the next most popular item on this list, indicating that people are searching for a new transportation mode.

Cycle saddles are an integral part of a cyclist’s journey. They can make the difference between a fun ride and a boring one, and they can also cause injuries if you ride your bike improperly. The ideal bike seat is unique to each person and is defined by their anatomy, riding style, experience, and discipline. A profitable commodity for an online cycling shop may be assisting people in finding the right saddle.

The word “cycle saddles” gets 22,200 searches every month on Google. People also want more unique styles, such as “comfortable bike saddles” (12,100/mo), “mountain bike saddles” (3,600/mo), and “track bike saddles” (4,400/mo). These words mean that you can sell a large number of different types of saddles to generate revenue.

You may create a bike store to help cyclists ride more safely to sell this product. Customers in different sports, such as mountain biking or road biking, may be targeted with advertisements. Make videos to demonstrate how your bike seats solve issues for cyclists. Alternatively, reach out to influencers and ask them to market your items.

5. Handheld device accessories

Handheld computer accessories are one of those high-profit-margin products that are often in demand. The trend is more common at certain times of the year than at others, but people look for phone and tablet accessories and gadgets all year. The demand is also enormous, with an estimated value of $284.06 billion by 2026.

According to Keywords Everywhere, the phrase “mobile accessories” receives about 49,500 monthly searches. People also look for terms like “phone accessories” and “mobile phone accessories,” which receive 40,500 and 18,100 monthly searches, respectively. These top-selling items provide you with various opportunities to reach unique consumer groups based on their device type (Samsung, iPhone, LG, etc.) and increase sales.

The following are some examples of things you can sell in this category:

  • Batteries
  • Headphones
  • Portable Bluetooth speakers
  • Chargers
  • Cases
  • Screen guards
  • Selfie sticks

Using Google Advertising to advertise this famous product may be profitable. It will help you attract high-intent customers to your store and get them in to make a purchase. Another choice is to use Facebook ads to reach particular groups based on your accessories’ design or functionality. Hikers may need tough phone cases, while others may need a fashionable case. You’ll want to use sites like Instagram to share product photos. You can work with micro-celebrities and influencers to get the goods in front of a large audience there.

6. Toy kitchens and play food

Since the 1920s, children have enjoyed playing with toy kitchens. They’re a perfect way to help kids grow fine motor skills, promote creative play, and keep them busy while their parents work from home. From chic, non-binary setups to Alexa-powered kitchens with fictional cooking tutorials, brands are finding new and exciting ways to reimagine the toy kitchen today.

With an average of 90,500 monthly searches for the term “toy kitchens,” it’s clear they’ll be around until 2021.

Consider the phrase “friends trust friends” when it comes to encouraging toy kitchens. Since marketing toys rely on influencers’ and friends’ feedback, you’ll want to partner with nano-influencers and use social media to promote them. When it comes to selling things like toy kitchens and play food online, customer reviews are always a good idea. Testimonials will help customers determine whether a product is right for them and increase the likelihood of a sale.

Develop an organic social media campaign based on the use of toy kitchens by children. To create confidence with potential customers, use photo carousels and videos to show them in motion and provide user-generated content from your followers’ accounts. Run a contest to give away free toy kitchens if you have the budget to expand your email or Messenger marketing subscriber lists. Then you can create drip marketing campaigns that gradually turn subscribers into customers.

7. Motor vehicle carpet and upholstery

On the Shopify website, we’ve seen a significant rise in sales of car mats and upholstery in the last few months. As the market for personalized automotive interiors increases, this product trend will continue to gain popularity. In 2019, the automotive upholstery market was worth $7.63 billion, and it is projected to expand at a rate of 6.5 percent per year until 2025.

Car mats receive 74,000 monthly searches, demonstrating the industry’s success. Weathertech floor mats (135,000/mo), custom car mats (8,100/mo), and rubber car mats (8,100/mo) are all generating new search interest.

When it comes to top-selling products like car carpets and mats, understanding the target market is key. For instance, if a customer enjoys being outside, they would most likely want a long-lasting rubber mat to cover their floors. A branded car carpet can be a great purchase if they are significant sports fans.

You can promote products in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Create installation videos and live-action tips.
  2. Start a car blog.
  3. Sponsor a car build or car shows.
  4. Offer a price match guarantee.
  5. Cross-promote with another automotive company.

You’ll probably want to look at using Facebook advertising to drive traffic to your website and increase sales throughout the year. If you want to extend your product line, a product sourcing app will help you find new car apparel accessories to sell.

8. Bookcases and standing shelves

In recent months, sales of bookcases and standing shelves have been on the rise. People are spending more time at home and want to make their living spaces more appealing.

The word “bookcases” generates 301,100 monthly searches, with similar terms such as “bookcases with doors” and “solid wood bookcases,” generating 33,100 and 9,900 monthly searches, respectively.

Although “standing shelves” only receives 12,100 monthly searches, there are a variety of variations you might target with an SEO strategy, including:

  • Floating shelves: 550,000/mo
  • Ladder shelves: 165,000/mo
  • Standing shelves for the bathroom: 2,900/mo

Develop a blog with interior design tips and tricks and links back to your items to sell bookcases and shelves. Then, on Facebook or Google, run retargeting ads to your blog traffic.

For high purpose keywords like “bookcases for sale,” you’ll want to use Google Shopping advertising. To draw buyers who already know what they want, try targeting longer-tail keywords based on your product description, such as “solid wood bookcases” or “oak bookcases” in your advertising. They are more likely to buy from your e-commerce shop if you appear in front of them.

9. Bookends

Following the theme of our novel, bookends are the next most popular item on this list. Bookends are big, heavy items that are used to keep a row of books upright. They’re a perfect way for consumers to personalize their home libraries and make them feel more at ease.

Bookends come in a range of sizes and shapes:

  • Words and text
  • Mythical creatures
  • Structures and buildings
  • Large crystals
  • Abstract shapes
  • Sculptures

They’re made of various materials, including stone, iron, metal, wood, and other heavy items.

From the seller’s viewpoint, this means you’ll have plenty of chances to come up with new designs—and plenty of buyers willing to purchase. More precise words like “decorative bookends” and “vintage bookends” receive 2,400 and 1,900 monthly searches, respectively, with the word “bookends” receiving 135,000 monthly searches.

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If you own a home decor store, you can sell bookends in a variety of ways:

  1. Share “how it’s made” content on social media.
  2. Partner up with famous home decor bloggers.
  3. Use Instagram hashtags and stickers on Instagram Stories to let people buy easily.
  4. Run Facebook ads to Messenger and show curated offerings.

Google Search is another area of focus. You can target ads to high-intent customers and take them to your store to buy because hundreds of thousands of people are looking for these bestselling items online.

10. Temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are temporary tattoos that you can add to your skin for a limited time. People are turning to realistic henna-like ink as a new art form as the coronavirus pandemic closes several tattoo shops.

Tattoos are becoming a trendy commodity for actors, creative directors, musicians, and artists, thanks to the younger generation’s influence. Their temporary equivalents allow people to see how tattoos complement their personal style without committing to a long-term commitment.

Market your temporary tattoos on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest if you want to turn them into bestsellers. You will find influencers to partner with on designs and run various social ads to different consumer groups to increase sales.

For potential customers, you might use Pinterest to build inspiration boards for various tattoos and trendy designs.

Focus your Instagram posts on carousel posts, which are effective for two reasons:

  1. You can show all of your store’s different designs.
  2. According to SocialInsider’s report, carousel posts earn up to 5.13 percent higher interaction than normal posts, regardless of the size of the following.

11. Needlecraft patterns

Needlecraft patterns are expected to be one of the most common items in 2021. Embroidery, needlepoint, tatting, knitting, crocheting, and other decorative sewing and textile art crafts are examples of needlecraft. It relieves tension, stimulates the mind, and offers a creative outlet for anyone from hardworking young 20-somethings to the elderly.

The word “needlecraft patterns” has a low search volume (approximately 70 per month), but there are more options for words like “embroidery patterns,” which has a monthly search volume of 49,500. In the needlecraft industry, there are many ways to extend the product lines. You could sell needlecraft kits and equipment for a variety of techniques such as cross-stitch and blackwork.

Join forums and Facebook groups to share your talents and experiences to market bestselling items like needlework patterns and kits online. In niche markets like these, creating a community would help you meet your target audience more quickly and easily. You can sell a needlecraft pattern as a PDF download (rather than a finished product) and provide a guide for customers to follow.

Consider targeting viewers by interest, such as arts and crafts, embroidery, needlepoint, and more, if you choose to run Facebook or Google Shopping ads. In countries where needlepoint is common, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, use Facebook Audience Insights to identify different audiences to target.

12. Hair styling tools and accessories

Are you looking for a hot item to sell in the beauty industry? Shopify, Oberlo, Google, and AliExpress see a rise in demand for hair styling tools and accessories.

According to Keywords Everywhere, the term “hair styling tools” receives 12,100 monthly searches, with subcategories such as “hot tools” receiving 33,100 monthly searches, variant “hair tools” receiving 12,100 monthly searches, and “hairstyling accessories” receiving 2,900 monthly searches.

The top 20 YouTube videos for “hair styling tools” earn an average of 1.7 million views per month, according to Keywords Everywhere, with subjects ranging from hairstyling tutorials to reviews and tips.

Focus on visual channels like Instagram and YouTube when selling famous health and beauty products. You could team up with industry influencers and run Instagram advertising to promote goods and drive sales. Develop your own Instagram account and share content about hairstyling and hair products for a more long-term solution.

You may, for example:

  • Do an Instagram Live Q&A on how to get started with your hair equipment.
  • Repost user-generated content
  • Run a contest
  • Make Instagram Stories that show the best features of a premium product.
  • Publish product posts with shopping tags
  • Create funny Reels to promote your products
  • Publish carousel posts

Why are product patterns like this beneficial to online sales? To increase your future sales, you can easily extend your product line to include other famous hair products.

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Time to get selling

These are some of the hottest items to sell in 2021, but there are many others to consider when deciding what to sell on Shopify. Identifying product patterns is just one aspect of the process. The real challenge is determining how to market them.

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Trending products FAQ

How do you find trending products?

Checking Google Trends is the best way to find favorite items online. The Google Trends tool looks at the prevalence of popular Google search queries in different regions and languages. It will show you the patterns in your product ideas from 2004 onwards based on search volume.


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