How to Cancel All Outgoing Facebook Friend Request

We were all bugged up with frequent blockage of sending friend requests on Facebook. The social network giant who punished the users by blocking friend requests for a certain period of time did not show interest to make users manage their sent friend requests. I have seen people getting blocked for more than 3 months for having more number of pending sent friend requests. After sending a friend request to a person, they don’t usually bookmark or Facebook does not have a page to show all pending friend requests. If we have a list which shows all pending friend requests, we can easily cancel all outgoing friend request for people who didn’t care to respond to your request.

Facebook already had a feature that, if someone sends a friend request to a profile, they follow at the time when they send a request. All public posts will be shown to the one who sends the friend request. So, as the person is following him/her, he usually views his “Following” tab on his own timeline to check whom he is following. By checking them, he may either cancel the friend request or leave them as such. Your pending friend requests will be shown as shown below.

Sent Friend Request Pending

Just clicking on the profile name and cancelling friend request worked fine but this list does not show all the pending sent friend requests. They only show people who have turned on followers. If you have sent friend request to someone who haven’t turned on followers, then this list does not work for you.

You need a different method to see all the pending friend requests and cancel it selectively or cancel all. Today, one of my friend on Facebook posted about a new feature on his timeline. I was really in urge to share this with you. The new feature of Facebook showed all pending sent friend request for you to cancel instantly.

Facebook has not rolled out this for desktop site but you can still access mobile site from desktop to cancel pending sent friend request.

Step #1: Go to

Step #2: Click on Friends link.

Step #3: Choose the “See Sent Friend Requests” link.

Cancel all outgoing Friend Request

Step #4: This will show you limited number of people to whom you have sent the friend request. Cancel them individually.

Step #5: Click on “See more” to view more sent friend requests.

Hope, Facebook will bring this feature on desktop site as well soon. I was easily able to cancel sent friend request to many scene girls in my city to whom I’ve sent.

Advantage of monitoring the sent friend request:

This has a great impact on how you behave on Facebook. You can always monitor your pending sent friend request for sending new friend request to anyone. When your pending friend request contains more people, then it’s better to stay away from “Add friend” button.

You can easily predict whether a person you are sending will confirm you as a friend or not. Suppose, if he/she is a stranger, you may need to check for the following things on his profile.

  • Large number of friends + Large number of followers = Hard to accept friendship.
  • Large number of friends + Small number of followers = Friend request may be accepted.
  • Parody Profile of a girl = Friend request will be accepted for sure!

If the person you are trying to send friend request is a known guy or girl, then your approval depends on how familiar is his/her knowledge about you is remembered. Some tips can be, having your real picture as your Profile Picture.

Do you have any queries regarding this? Please comment below. We would even help you for making your crush to accept your friend request which still stays pending. 😛