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Top Best Love Quotes and Status – Our Best Love Status & Quotes list lets you find the right lines, quotes you can share and feel special with your beloved ones. So, don’t waste your time taking a peek at the top best love status here right now.

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If so, you’re in the right place. You were entertained and also cheered up by our wonderful Best Love Status album. Love is the world’s most adorable and fantastic feeling. When he/she is in love, no one can describe the emotions. 123whatsappstatus provides you with the terms or love status in which your emotions and thoughts can be shared. People now want to set their WhatsApp status to express their feelings of love for the special person or the world as a whole. this post covers the Best Love Status and quotes you can use

Top Best Love Quotes and Status

  • The mind can’t do a thing when the heart takes over!!
  • I’m not going to deny that I like you. I wouldn’t confess either.
  • Until the end of time, I’ll love you forever! No matter what you’re going to do! And you are forever mine! And nothing you do is going to stop me from loving you.
  • Put on someone who can bring sunshine to your life with your time and resources.
  • Life is too short for the wrong one to waste.
  • Thank you for entering my life. To make me feel the love that I have for you. Since not everyone is as fortunate to be loved by you as I am…
  • You are one of those lovely things that have happened in my life and made my life worthwhile.

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  • I will forever love you. I’ll be there no matter what occurs. Distance is not going to take us apart, it’s going to bring us closer. True Love waits & never surrenders…
  • You look incredible, wonderful, great, intelligent, charming, sparkling…
  • Not every friendship shifts into love, but every love starts with friendship.
  • I still pray that God will tie us in a holy knot so that we can spend every moment together.
  • When she speaks non-stop, it is true love and you are really interested in listening to her.
  • Don’t love too much, don’t worry too much, don’t trust too much, because too much will do too much damage to you.
  • I don’t know if I love you or if I like you, if I want you or if I need you. All I know is that when I’m around you, I love the feeling that I get.
  • In return, if you expect anything, it’s called company, not love.

More Love Quote 

  • I do not hate people, I just love people who love me
  • Insomnia can be a gift if you have to speak to someone all night.
  • You may be someone in the world, but you are someone in the world. ♥
  • To show me my way, I don’t need a burning sun and a cooling moon. Only want you to hold me if I fall.
  • Everyone feels that it hurts to love… But love doesn’t ever hurt… Hurts rejection.. Hurts isolation. The only feeling which covers all the pain is love…
  • Love does not consist of looking at each other, instead of looking in the same direction together.

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