How to Delete a Facebook Group

Are you a Facebook community admin who is no longer needed or inactive? If that’s the case, you may want to learn how to delete a Facebook community by deleting everyone. Alternatively, you may close or deactivate the group by archiving it. Keep reading to learn how to do both.

What’s the difference between a Facebook group being archived and deleted?

Archiving and removing a party from Facebook is not the same. Each one has slightly different implications.

Archiving a Group

By archiving a Facebook group, it prevents new discussions from taking place. The group can appear to be deactivated or frozen when it is archived, but the admin may unarchive it at any time.

Members will still browse the site after a group has been archived, but they won’t be able to post comments, upload photos or videos. Members will only see what has been written until the group has archived it.

It will only be available to exist members of an archived community; no new members will be permitted to join. The archived group would not appear in Facebook search results.

Group administrators will not be able to edit the archived group’s specifics, such as a description of an image, but they will be able to remove posts and exclude or ban users from the community.

If an admin decides to unarchive an archived party, it will be restored to its previous state, and all members will be able to resume posting.

Deleting a Group

The deletion of a Facebook group is permanent. You won’t be able to pull it back until it’s done.

It’s also worth noting that they can only permanently delete a community if the original creator is still a member. However, if the developer has left the community, it can be removed by another administrator.

Members of the community are notified when a group is archived, but they are not notified when a group is deleted.

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How to Close/Archive a Facebook Group

Only a Facebook group can be archived using a web browser on The Facebook mobile apps for iOS and Android do not support this feature.

  • Select Groups on in the left-hand column under the Explore line.
  • Under Groups You Control, pick the name of your party.
  • Pick More directly underneath the header picture of the party.
  • From the dropdown list, pick the Archive Party.
  • Select Confirm to get it archived.

After they’ve archived the party, participants may receive an email update. Simply go back to step one, pick More, Unarchive Group from the drop-down list, and then Confirm Group from the drop-down list to confirm the Group.

How to Delete a Facebook Group

There is no “delete” choice to choose anywhere within a Facebook group, but there is another way to permanently delete groups. To delete a Facebook group, you must first remove all members from the party and then leave the group yourself.

You must be the group’s creator to follow these directions and effectively uninstall the group. The only exception is if the creator has abandoned the group. If the developer has left the group and you are an administrator, you may uninstall it. This can be achieved by or the Facebook mobile applications for iOS and Android.

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  • Navigate to a category that you would like to delete. Select Groups on, then select the name of your group under the Manage Groups section on the left.
  • Tap the menu icon on the Facebook app in the main menu at the bottom of the iOS or Android menu at the top, tap Groups, then tap Groups under Groups you control.
  • On, from the vertical menu on the left, choose Members. Tap the member profile image set on the app at the right.
  • Click the three dots next to the name of each member on and select Delete from the party.
  • Tap each member’s name on the app, then tap Delete Member.
  • Select the choices that you want to delete under Remove Member, then select Confirm.
  • For every individual community member, repeat step three above until you’re the only one left. How to Delete a Facebook Group
  • There’s no way to delete community members in bulk, sadly. When you have hundreds or even thousands of members, removing members individually would be a very time-consuming operation. In this case, instead of archiving the community, you might just want to because it’s a faster solution.
  • Your profile image and name should be the only picture left on, listed under Admins and Moderators at the top. Three dots are selected > Leave Party.
  • Tap Admins on the app at the top of the Membership page, where the only remaining list of members should be. Please tap your name > Quit Party.
  • The group will be permanently removed after completing this phase, so be sure that before you leave the group after removing everyone else, you want it gone for good.
  • The group is immediately removed without any participants, administrators, or developers left in the group.