Nigerian Army ranks and insignia 


Nigerian Army ranks and insignia – The rank and title insignia used by the Armed Forces of Nigeria. Nigeria shares a rank structure similar to that of the United Kingdom.

The Nigerian military is an essential part of the nation’s defense. Becoming an enlisted member of the army is a respected and honorable goal. If you are interested in learning more about Nigeria’s military, you should read this article about the Nigerian army’s ranking system and military symbols. In that manner, you will know what you want.

The structure of the Nigerian military

The Nigerian military is a topic in its own right, so let’s first get a better understanding of the Nigerian military in general. The phrase was popularized in 1960, the same year Nigeria became an independent nation. The military protects citizens from enemy threats as well as maintains the stability and security of the country.

Nigerian Armed Forces are divided into three service branches:

  • The Nigerian Army is responsible for maintaining peace, controlling the humanitarian missions, and enforcing the law.
  • The Nigerian Navy, which operates in the open ocean, offering a wide range of support missions.
  • Nigerian Airforce, cargo transport, and other air missions.

Today, we will only discuss the symbols and ranks of the Nigerian Army. Find out about all of the rankings of the Nigerian army.

What does the Nigerian Army flag mean? 

Like all other branches of the military, the Nigerian Army has its own flag that carries deep symbolism. As you can see, it has an embroidered eagle perched atop a star-shaped patchwork design on the red-black-red background.

So what is it all about?

  • The eagle represents the force, endurance, and scope of the army. Like the eagle, the army is vigilant and strikes with swift force when the enemy is in jeopardy.
  • The star represents the unity of Nigeria which was created on the day the nation came into existence. What appears to be a shadow is actually a unified combination of black and yellow stars. In order to create a unified Nigeria, the Northern and Southern Protectorates were united.
  • The motto of the Nigerian army is ‘victory will come from God alone.
  • The red represents the enemy troops, and this is a common symbol used in military circles. The black represents the cavalry, and the other troops as well. And the two colors are arranged in the alternating pattern found on the flags of Nigeria and Ghana.

And now you know! Therefore, it is time to move on to the army ranks. Nigerian Army ranks and insignia

Nigerian Army ranks and insignia 

Nigerian Army has a very clearly defined rank system, which dictates what rank each position should have. By their appearance and their duties, you can tell who and what they are (and even how much they earn).

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Ranks in the Nigerian army

So here is the list of ranks in the Nigerian army for commissioned officers:

  • Let’s begin with the rank of Recruit/Trainee. This rank is for those already serving in the military and is entering at the lowest level. In training, recruits do not wear insignia while trainees might wear a single shoulder mark.
  • Next up, Lance Corporal. It is above the rank of the recruit but remains the lowest rank for an officer. Lance Corporals are also known as Corporals.
  • Then the Corporal arrives. A person in this position takes care of a troop’s health. The constable has two shoulder marks.
  • The sergeant is the next rank. This is a junior enlisted member. Sergeants have three separate shoulder boards.
  • The rank of Sergeant is above that of Staff Sergeant. It is a senior rank in the army. Staff Sergeants have two silver eagles and three gold chevrons.
  • The next rank is Warrant Officer/Sergeant First Class. Its insignia is an eagle sitting atop a circle with a crown of olive leaves surrounding it.
  • Master Warrant Officer/Master Sergeant. Members of this rank are responsible for military equipment acquisition. The Master Warrant Officer/Master Sergeant insignia is a representation of the Nigerian Coat Of Arms where the horses are silver and the rest is golden. This concludes the introductory ranks.
  • The first rank in the military hierarchy gives the title of Second Lieutenant. The word ‘lieutenant’ means ‘substitute’ officer.’ Lieutenants do not have any silver stars on their ceremonial uniforms. We’ll use a six-pointed star here, which implies its meaning in our context.
  • Higher up is the First Lieutenant. These officers have two silver stars above their epaulets.
  • Captain. The centurion rank is considered the highest among the tactical troop organization. Captains have three silver stars on their shoulders denoting their rank.
  • The next rank is Major in the Nigerian Army, which is lower than Captain. Makers of silver have a golden eagle on each shoulder.
  • After that comes the Lieutenant Colonel. He or she was a middle-ranked field officer. In the military, a Lieutenant Colonel is distinguished by a silver star on each shoulder.
  • Colonel.  These officers are in the top tiers of uniformed law enforcement and at the bottom of the commissioned officer ranks. They are in charge of army divisions. Colonels are clothed in khaki and wearing a coat with a silver eagle embroidered on each shoulder.
  • Next, the Brigadier General. These officers are the commanders of brigades. Brigadiers wear silver stars on the shoulder straps of their uniform that form a triangle with a silver eagle. This phenomenon occurs on both sides (obviously).
  • The next major rank is the Major General. Major Generals carry a golden sword emblazoned with an eagle and a baton on their shoulders.
  • In the Nigerian Army, the third highest rank is Lieutenant General. Officers in this unit use the gold crossed sword and baton, a star, and an eagle, as the emblem of the unit on both shoulders.
  • The highest rank in the Nigerian Army, which is preceded by the second-highest rank in the institution, is General. The General salutes with a standing sword and a baton, two stars on his shoulders, and a bald eagle on his chest.
  • At the top of the Nigerian Army resides the rank of the Army Field Marshal/General of the Army, who is not approvable for the rank. At this point, nobody has occupied this top spot in the Nigerian army – General is currently the highest rank. The symbol for the highest-ranking soldier in the United States Army is the crossed sword and baton surrounded by two branches and an eagle on the shoulder.


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