MOST DOWNLOADED PSP GAMES FOR ANDROID PHONES 2021 – Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories. It’s one of the most prolific platforms developed for the PSP emulator. The game is full of superb graphics and has lots of open-world where you can roam about. The game is missions based where you will have real-time multiplayer.

 Mortal Kombat –Unchained

The Mortal Kombat series has been around for several years, but Mortal Kombat X still incorporates new innovative features. Each character comes with unique gameplay, a different storyline, and a unique fatality.

WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2K14

A game for a wrestling fan that can be played with one’s favorite WWE superstars and that allows for multiple ways to win.

The WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2K14 comes with a better navigation menu that allows you to easily select a character, get into a story mode, and enjoy various events.

Dead To Fights –Reckoning

In this game, you must successfully emulate Jack Slate and accomplish all goals. You need to eliminate all of your competitors and kidnap the witness who is held by them.

People with high-end Android devices will enjoy this game because it is suited to their devices. MOST DOWNLOADED PSP GAMES FOR ANDROID PHONES 2021


It’s a top PES game and it’s one of the best football games to play. It features updated players and cool graphics, with stunning commentary.

This PES game contains great improvements in goal-tactics and has awesome improvements in passing the ball and trading of players.

It covers the latest soccer teams and transfers, the latest tournament, stadiums, players and teams, and more.

Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker

The latest game in the Metal Gear franchise, and the second Metal Gear title I’ve ever heard of. The game takes place in Costa Rica and involves a character coming into power as they compete with other nations.

The primary functions of this PPSSPP game are Mission Mode and Mother Base Mode.

The mission is the actual action sequences of the game where the player must invade an enemy’s territory, a crew that manages simulation mode on Mother Base.

The Warriors

The Warriors is a very popular and very popular PSP and Android game. The story opens with a gang falsely accused of murdering the leader of another gang they were in conflict with.

You as the player will act as the accused, as you need to run for your life while you fight the culprits and prove you are innocent.

This game is well optimized for high-end smartphones. The weapons in the game can include bottles, bats, sticks, and much more.

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Ghost Rider

Those who have enjoyed the movie “Ghost Rider ” will greatly enjoy this game due to its similar plot.

This is a story about a character who transforms into a human being that can possess people at midnight and control them. MOST DOWNLOADED PSP GAMES FOR ANDROID PHONES 2021

Tekken- Dark Resurrection

Tekken is a unique fighting game that has explosive fighting action and awesomeness. In this video game, there are new characters Lili and Dragunov joining other casts like Heihachi, Jin, Paul, and Law in each character’s attempt to win the King of the Iron Fist Tournament.

This videogame offers a multiplayer mode in which you can play against friends, along with additional items that allow you to customize your favorite characters.

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