How To Migrate to Glo Yakata | Glo Yakata Migration Code

How To Migrate to Glo Yakata | Glo Yakata Migration Code – Before you proceed with the Glo Berekete Tariff plan, please note that it has been replaced with an upgraded version called the Glo Yakata Tariff plan, there is a high chance you will face serious difficulty migrating to Yakata.

Every network provider has a special offer that offers more airtime or data at the same price or more of something for a lower price.

Glo Yakata is that special tariff plan from Glo, and that combines data and airtime bonuses for both new and old subscribers. This article describes the process of moving to Glo Yakata.

Glo Yakata offers free 6GB of data as well as a total increase of 2200% in voice calls, data, and SMS for the first six months.

The Glo Yakata package provides massive data and free voice calls to subscribers. The bonus works for both manual and electronic payments.

At this point, you feature a strong interest in migrating to the Glo Yakata tariff plan, but in order to minimize surprises, you should first be aware of the following:

  • The plan is a sales plan and not a marketing plan so existing customers will not be bothered by any changes to the plan.
  • It is the default plan for new customers so they don’t need to be migrated at all.
  • The plan’s voicemail offer is only valid for national calls and will cost additional from the main account instead of the account being credited.
  • For those who have an existing data plan, the bonus will be added to the data plan.
  • The bonus is valid for only one week after which it will expire, but if you recharge before the seven-day period expires you will be given an additional week in which to use it.

How To Migrate To Glo Yakata Tariff Plan

The Glo Yakata Tariff plan is a very simple way to simplify things. The purpose of the app was to be as seamless and easy as possible.

All you need to do is enter a USSD code and save it. To move to the Glo Yakata Tariff Plan.

  • Dial *230#

To determine if you have subscribed to our GLO YAKATA subscription plan, please dial #100#. You will be notified by email if your subscription has been canceled or renewed.

Please note: The Glo Yakata discount plan is open to all Glo subscribers, as long as the customer has an active Glo account. To use VoiceLink, simply enter the activation code (*220#).

 How To Unsubscribe

Opting out of Glo Yakata’s billing plan requires you to switch to a different Glo plan. Termination of your subscription to the Glo Yakata tariff plan will occur if and when your migration to our new rate plan is complete.

To obtain immigration benefits, you must still apply the next month. When you switch plans within a month, you’re subject to a service fee of 100 Naira.

How To Get Glo Yakata Bonus

As mentioned earlier, Bonuses accrue to Glo customers who enroll into Yakata Tariff Plan, and are received when they recharge. The size of the reward is dependent upon the amount of airtime used. You will receive Glo YAKATA bonuses based on the amount of airtime you spend.

  • A recharge of 100 provides 350 bonus minutes for outgoing calls and texts. You receive 50MB of additional data on the first recharge of the month, and an additional 50MB as your follow-up of the month.
  • A recharge of #200 gives you #700 in your bonus account for voice calls and SMS, 300MB free data on the first recharge in the month, and 100MB on subsequent recharges.
  • For voice calls and SMS, a charge of #500 will give you #1750, 625MB free data on the first recharge of the month and 250MB on subsequent recharges.
  • A recharge of $1000 provides you $3500 in your bonus account for calls, texts, and data. On the first recharge, you receive 1.25GB of free data. On subsequent recharges, you receive 500MB.
  • A recharge of 5000 gives you 17,500 in your bonus account for voice calls and SMS, 6.25GB free data on the first recharge in the month and 2.5GB for subsequent recharges, up to a maximum of 16GB.

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How To Check Glo Yakata Call Bonus

To claim Glo Yakata’s new cell phone offer, press *220*1#. If you also wish to pay your Yakata data bonus, please dial *777#, select “1” to perform the purchase, and then input “4” to access the Manage data option. Make note of your Yakata bonus balance here.

Here is how you can migrate to our Glo Yakata tariff plans. If you have any questions, you may post a comment at the bottom of the page.

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