How To Check Etisalat Airtime Balance

How To Check Etisalat Airtime Balance – Etisalat is a multinational Emirati-based telecommunications services provider currently operating in fifteen countries across the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. As of 2012 in the United Kingdom, Etisalat is the 14th largest mobile network operator with around 167 million subscribers. It is the only major wire company in the UAE. Etisalat was the biggest telecommunications company in the United Arab Emirates by Forbes Middle East in 2012.

Etisalat operates as an Internet hub in the Middle East, connecting to all other telecoms in the region. It is also the 12th largest voice carrier in the world and one of the largest in the Middle East and Africa. As of the release of October 2008, Etisalat has a total of 510 roaming agreements covering 186 countries. Etisalat operates Points of Presence (PoP) throughout the world. In the year 2012, Etisalat launched its 4G LTE network.

Emirates Telecommunication Group Company PJSC – Etisalat was first established in 1976 as a joint-stock company under the ownership of International Aeradio Limited. In 1983 the ownership structure changed when the company was purchased by the government of the United Arab Emirates and became a wholly owned government entity.

In 1991, the UAE central government granted Bell Canada the right to provide telecommunications services in the US and between the UAE and countries other than Canada. It essentially gave the firm the right to create and enforce regulations in telecommunications. This gave Etisalat almost complete regulatory powers, which made it the primary telecommunications company in the UAE. To safeguard the country’s economic development, the law provided the telecommunications sector with the appropriate conditions.

Etisalat UAE has multiple locations across the world and includes the UAE, Dubai, and Northern Emirates. The Northern Emirates regional center is based in Sharjah and serves all the emirates in the UAE.

In the UAE, Etisalat operates where mobile penetration is already among the highest in the world, and the practice of rolling out Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) has been very interesting. By the end of 2009, Etisalat had completed the FTTH roll-out for 85% of households in Abu Dhabi, which propelled the UAE’s capital to the first in the world to have FTTH coverage.

Some of the Internet services that Etisalat offers include, but are not limited to are:

  • 3G mobile data.
  • 4G wireless internet.
  • Broadband Internet and eLife research results.
  • Prepaid and post-paid Internet dial-up. Internet access.
  • Cloud Gaming services in conjunction with Gamestream.

Etisalat operates iZone’s Wi-Fi hotspot network, offering free Internet access in central locations. Customer can access their account by either paying in cash, or using a credit card. The cable and DSL Internet connections are billed by the hour, while the dial-up and ISDN access are at a fixed monthly rate. Other Internet links, suitable for business users, provide traffic utilization plans and relatively high rates when over the allocated bandwidth quota. This has brought tremendous bad publicity for Etisalat and has fueled criticism of the company.

How To Check Etisalat Airtime Balance

It is easy to check the balance on your airtime, just type out the required USSD code on your etisalat enabled phone and the remaining balance of your airtime will be displayed to you.

The USSD code required to check airtime is *233*0# for subscribers in Nigeria.

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