How Do I Turn Off Selling Feature On Facebook

 How Do I Turn Off Selling Feature On Facebook – Internet shopping has become the new norm, sellers connect with prospective buyers on the platform, and buyers get to discover various items on sale and make their choice of items they wish to buy.

For sellers, using the Facebook Marketplace feature allows for ease in the sale of items. The SELL feature allows you to add important information about the item you are selling like price, location, and contact information.

The SELL feature is available on Facebook to sell items for your convenience and to provide additional sales opportunities.

How to Turn Off or Turn On Facebook Buying and Selling Feature

The SELL feature makes one’s Facebook group highly classified as a selling group; it enables sellers to sell their items so easily on the group.

However, you are able to turn or turn off this feature at any time the group owner or group admin wants to.

If you wish to make the group private, you can disable the Sell option.

How to turn on/off the SELL mode:

  • Access the Groups tab from the Menu, click Groups, and then select your choosing of group.
  • You can then EDIT GROUP SETTINGS. Tap INFO in the bottom left-hand corner, then in the main menu select then EDIT GROUP SETTINGS
  • Create a ‘BUY AND SELL’ group, and save.
  • If you wish to turn it off, simply follow the same instructions we just listed.
  • That is all, you may switch the type of group based on your needs.

How to Sell on FB Buy and Sell Groups

The Facebook Selling Features, making it easy to sell or buy and sell groups, essentially promoting your business and generating sales for you.

Buy and Sell groups have this SELL feature that allows sellers to list information about the items they want to sell and make selling on the platform easy.

To start selling items on Facebook groups, follow these steps:.

  • From the navigation menu, choose the particular “sell and buy” functionality you wish to employ.
  • Click on the ‘What are you selling’ option at the top of the group; this option provides you with a clear and concise intro of what you’re selling.
  • Please provide all necessary information about your products including price, where they are located, what they look like, and photos of the product.
  • Post your products on the Facebook marketplace to gain visibility.
  • You are given the opportunity to post on any buy and sell groups found in the communities of your choice.
  • After you have completed all of the necessary details, click to submit your listing.
  • When interested parties send comments or message, Facebook will notify you.

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How to Mark Items As Sold On Buy and Sell Groups

It’s important to delete posts on items that have been sold or mark the items sold in order to ensure that only items that have been sold are posted.

Buy and sell groups frequently have this feature allowing you to mark items as sold.

Initiate an activity on Facebook selling group by marking an item “sold” and following the following steps below:

  • Click the ‘GROUPS’ tab to see if your product sold in the group you’re in.
  • Find the original post in which you sold an item.
  • To the left of the top right of the post, click the ‘Mark as Sold’ button.


When you set up the Sell feature on Facebook groups, it becomes easier for you to sell items.

You can organize the way you sell on these groups, use the Sell feature to add important details of the items on sale, and mark those items as Sold when sold.

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