Glo Night Plan Code

Glo Night Plan Code – Many people are curious to discover if GLO Night truly exists. I will be showing you the new Glo data plan and subscription code, which is available. This data plan comes with various combinations. You can pay 25 Naira and enjoy the free Internet service throughout the night.

If you would like to give up your old plan and go with the Glo unlimited night plan Indicating plans for Glo Night Browsing which will include 25 Naira for 250MB and 50 Naira for 500MB.

Glo Reduces Night Browsing Plan

Yes Glo Nigeria, which is a popular data provider, is reducing the cost of its night data plans. This is good for consumers to receive better services and to save money with a cheap data plan. Glo Nigeria has the lowest priced data plans, which are cheaper than the competition. Here is a detailed explanation of Glo’s new nightly data plan.

Glo Data Plan And Subscription Codes

These late-night data plans can be used through 6 am daily. The given data is within the specified range. Once the data is no longer needed, it will be taken back. This is relevant to both the current and new night plans, but not the day data plan. This plan is good for 5 days and expires on the fifth day.

Night Browsing 25 Naira

The night plan with the most consumers and the most frequent use. Here you can get 250 MB for only 25 Naira. The subscription data is from 12 AM to 5 AM on the day of your subscription. This Night Plan is non-transferable and cannot be rolled over to the next night. If there is unused data, then it will be removed after 5 am.

Glo 50 Naira Night Plan Code

This will be another Glo night plan. With this offer, you can enjoy 500MB for 50Naira. Just like the previously unused data, the data provided must also be deleted. The deadline is five am on the day of subscribing. Unused information will be returned.

 Night Plan For 100 Naira For 1GB

This is the best night plan for night patrols. This plan allows you to surf for 5 days using 1GB of data. This means that you will use 1GB of data from midnight to 6 am for 5 days. This is better than the two rain plans above.

To subscribe to this plan, you must view it within the first day. Save up to 50MB then there will be about 990MB remaining. The 950MB left can be used for the next two days ( day 2). This subscription expires five days after the day of subscribing.

NOTE: You can only use the data during the time period from 12 am to 5 am.

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How To Subscribe To Glo plan

Many people want to know more about the Glo Night Plan Code 2021. I will show you by the easiest method possible how you can subscribe to this plan.

  • Dial *777#
  • Reply 1 ( buy data plan)
  • Then Reply 1 again (buy 3GB to 4GB
  • data auto-renewal)
  • Now reply 7 ( Night data plan)
  • You will be shown multiple options on the options to select. Reply 1 if you want the 25 naira plan. Reply 2 if you want the 50 naira plan. Reply 3 if you want the 100 naira for 1GB plan.

I hope you are familiar with the new Glo Night Plan Code and its responsibilities. Please use the social media below to share with friends and family. Please visit our blog for more updates.

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