Fix Power Problems In 5 Easy Steps: What To Do When Your Vizio TV Won’t Power On

What To Do When Your Vizio TV Won’t Power On – Do you know what to do when your television suddenly won’t turn on? Any device can suddenly lose power. These problems originate within the TV, are caused by power surges, or are caused at home.

Power problems may require service or maintenance on internal parts of the TV. Before you attempt to contact your warranty service or pay for repair of the TV, there are several quick tests that you can perform to determine the problem. These steps are informal and take only a minute. Hopefully, your TV will be fixed within a few minutes.

What To Do When Your Vizio TV Won’t Power On – How Do You Know If Your TV Has A Power Issue?

Whenever the TV is plugged in but is unable to be controlled with the remote control, the TV likely has a power problem.

Most Vizio TVs have the power light in the lower-left corner which indicates that the TV is on. It turns on when one presses the power button. It is expected the power indicator will flicker on and off several times. The TV might still work even if the power cord is not plugged in. What To Do When Your Vizio TV Won’t Power On

How To Fix Power Problems in 5 Easy Steps

1. Verify The Display Is Not Showing An Image

If your TV’s screen is black, it might just be out of power. This could be a problem either with the power or the input.

Press the MENU or the MUTE button on your remote or television. If pressing a button on the TV’s remote control causes the TV to blink then the TV is on and does not have a power problem. The lack of video feed is typically due to issues with cable or satellite TV.

2. Use The Power Button On The TV Instead Of The Remote

A possible problem with the remote has prompted you to think there may be a problem with the TV. The TV could still be working fine, but the remote is the problem. If the power button doesn’t work on the TV, check the remote; might be the remote causing the issue.

Users sometimes think that Vizio TVs have no buttons. Many Internet-connected televisions manufactured in 2014 or later have a hidden power button on the rear of the product.

In the lower corner of the TV. The electrical power button is located on the back of the TV and might resolve a problem. What To Do When Your Vizio TV Won’t Power On

In old televisions, the power button was on the left or right.

When this button is pressed, the problem was caused by remote control. You might need to replace the batteries or may need to clear the blocking obstruction on the IR sensor of the TV.

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3. Power Cycle The TV

Power cycling does have its benefits for some TVs.

First, disconnect the TV from the power cord and the power outlet. Next power off the TV by holding the power button down for 10 seconds.

After 10 seconds press the button and then try to turn on the TV.

4. Re-seat The Power Cord

With a loose power cord, this could be the cause. The power cord is removable from most Vizio televisions. It can easily be disconnected so pets or other things can mess it up.

Unplug the cable from the TV, then plug it back in again. What To Do When Your Vizio TV Won’t Power On

5. Test The TV When Connected To A New Outlet

To verify the TV is plugged into a working outlet.

You should always try to power your TV using another outlet. Test a new outlet, even if doing so will impact the stability of other outlets.

Connect the TV’s power cord to an outlet that you have not used before, then test the TV again to see if the TV works properly. Don’t plug a new power adapter into a socket that is new because it can sometimes cause the problem.

If the TV were still broken then it was originally the outlet being used that was the problem.

What To Do When Your Vizio TV Won’t Power On – Is The TV Working Now?

That way, your TV will automatically begin after the above steps.

If your TV isn’t functioning correctly, then it has a problem that needs to be addressed. You might be able to get free repair of a TV under warranty, which it Vizio. It’s possible the satellite dish has been touched, but a technician will respond to your Vizio repair calls. A technical support rep will draw out the various options available to the customer to fix their TV.

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