How to set Up a Fitbit | How to reactivate your Fitbit Flex

You may be feeling left out if all your mates are wearing Fitbits and waxing lyrical about step counts and sleep efficiency.

So you’ve decided it’s time to take the plunge and buy one of the most famous fitness trackers on the market (after browsing our list of best fitness trackers, of course). Do you have any concerns about how to set up a Fitbit? You’re not alone, so don’t worry.

You bought a Fitbit in the hopes of achieving your health and fitness goals, but now that it’s arrived, you’re probably a little confused about how to make the most of its many exciting features.

What does a Fitbit do, exactly? What’s more, how do you set up a Fitbit? What’s more, how does it work? You may be wondering how to charge it and go about winning those all-important phase challenges once you’ve got one.

With our beginner’s guide to setting up and using a Fitbit, we answer all of your burning questions.


There are a few explanations for why your Fitbit isn’t syncing. Attempt the following solutions:

  • Keep your tracker powered.
  • Start your tracker again.
  • Make sure Bluetooth and location services are switched on, and that your mobile device’s software is up to date.
  • Uninstall any old Fitbit Link program and install the Fitbit app for Windows 10 if you’re using a Windows device.
  • Delete all other gadgets that are connected to your Bluetooth link.
  • Plugin your wireless sync dongle if you’re using a device that doesn’t have Bluetooth.
  • To improve Bluetooth compatibility, allow the “Always Connected” option.
  • Enable the “All-Day Sync” feature.
  • Examine your device/software updates for any identified problems.

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Since a factory reset would wipe out all of your Fitbit’s info, you should only do so if told to do so by an official customer service agent or if you’re following a firmware update troubleshooting guide. Instead, consider restarting your Fitbit.

How to reactivate your Fitbit Flex

  • Link the charging cable to a USB port or a wall outlet.
  • Place the pebble in the compartment for the charging cable.
  • Push a paperclip into the pinhole on the back of the charger for three to four seconds.
  • Replace the pebble in the wristband after extracting it from the battery.
  • Attach the charging cable to a USB port or a wall charger to restart the Fitbit Flex  Place the pebble in the compartment for the charging cable. Three times in five seconds press the button on the charging cord. The tracker’s lights will blink a few seconds after the third click. Replace the pebble in the wristband after extracting it from the battery.

How to reactivate your Fitbit Flex

  • Using the battery door method, open the battery door.
  • The battery should be withdrawn.
  • Until removing the battery, wait 10 seconds.

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How to Reset a Fitbit Charge HR

A customer service agent or a software update troubleshooting guide can ask you to reset your Fitbit Charge HR. Remember that a factory reset will delete all of your Fitbit’s records.

  • Link your tracker to a USB port with the charging cable.
  • Keep the button down for two seconds. Remove the cable from the tracker without releasing the button and wait seven to nine seconds.
  • Release the button, then click it again until the words “ALT” and a white screen appear. Keep down until the tracker vibrates, then let go.
  • Then release and keep until the word “Error” appears. Keep down and let go before the word “Erase” appears. Finally, relax and let go.
  • The tracker will be turned off. To switch your Fitbit tracker back on, click the button or reconnect the charging cable. In your Fitbit app, tap or click the “account” button, then “Set Up A New Watch” instructions.

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