How to Reset a Samsung TV | Reset a Samsung TV

How to Reset a Samsung TV

This article will show you how to reset your Samsung TV’s image, sound, SmartHub, and network link settings. Instructions for a complete reset, how to reset via Remote Management, and how to reset non-smart Samsung TVs are also included.

Reset your camera’s settings

This choice restores the factory defaults for color, brightness, contrast, and other picture-related settings. This is useful if you’ve made manual changes to the image but don’t like the outcome and can’t get the settings back to where they were before. Any other TV settings are unaffected by an image settings reset.

  • Select Settings
  • The Image Settings icon
  • Expert Settings
  • Reset the Picture to reset the picture.

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Sound Settings Should Be Reset

This choice restores the factory defaults for sound-related settings including Balance, Equalizer changes, TV installation style (wall/stand), HDMI audio format, Audio delay, and Auto Volume.

If you’ve made manual changes to the sound settings but don’t like the results, the Reset Sound option will return you to the TV’s original sound settings, just like it did with the picture settings. Resetting the sound settings has no impact on the rest of the TV’s settings.

  • Select Settings
  • The Sounds Settings icon
  • Expert Settings
  • Restore Sound to reset the sound settings.

Reset the Samsung Account Settings and the Smart Hub

A Smart Hub reset restores factory defaults and deletes all details associated with your Samsung account if you have a Samsung Smart TV. You’ll need to re-establish Smart Hub service agreements and re-link your account to any services after a Smart Hub Reset.

Although pre-loaded streaming apps are held, any apps you’ve added to your My Apps viewing selection will have to be downloaded and enabled again.

  • Go to Settings
  • Support
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Reset Smart Hub to reset the Smart Hub settings.

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Full Reset

A complete reset of the television is the most comprehensive choice. All image, sound, smart hub, and other operational features, such as any saved broadcast channels, are reset to default settings when the function is enabled.

  • Go to Settings
  • Support
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Reset to perform a complete reset.

Unfortunately, there is no reset solution if you are experiencing network or internet connection problems. If your network connectivity isn’t streaming video properly and you’re connecting via Wi-Fi, try a wired Ethernet connection if possible; it’s much more reliable for video streaming.

Reset the TV using the remote control

You can have Samsung check your TV and execute all reset functions remotely, in addition to the options you have to reset your TV yourself. To put it another way, let Samsung power your television.

Request Remote Support from Samsung Tech Support. Make sure you have the model, serial number, and, if possible, the software version of the television on hand. The agent will also ask you follow-up questions to determine the nature of the issue.

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Pick Remote Management from your TV’s Support menu.

Enter your Samsung Account PIN Number after reading the service agreements. Enter 0s if you don’t have a PIN. The Samsung service agent will do one or more of the following once they have control of your TV:

  • Examine the television.
  • Change the image, sound, and/or smart hub settings on the TV.
  • Perform a factory reset.
  • Update any software or firmware that is needed.
  • Give any additional instructions on whether onsite or carry-in service is available.

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