How To Delete a Cash App Account – How can I delete a Cash App ?

This article will show you how to uninstall a Cash App account without losing any money.

How can you get rid of your Cash App account?

Your Cash App account will not be deleted if you uninstall the Cash App mobile app. You must first use the software to uninstall the account. But first, double-check that you’ve transferred all of your funds out of your account.


  • You’ll need to open the Cash App app and log into your account to empty funds from your account.
  • You’ll see the main page when you first log into your app, where you would usually make or request a payment.
  • To return to the Cash App home page, select the house icon in the lower-left corner. The Cash-Out button is located here, and it helps you to move your balance to your bank account.
  • To complete the fund’s transfer and empty your account funds, follow the Cash Out instructions in the app.

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You’re ready to uninstall your Cash App account once you’ve drained it. The account deletion option is hidden behind a few layers of menus. To locate it and delete your Cash App account, follow the steps below.

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  • Pick your Profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen from the same home screen where you cashed out your account. This will take you to your personal profile page. Tap the Help icon at the bottom of the options page.
  • This takes you to the Support page, where you’ll find a list of popular aid options. You’ll need to tap Something Else to move on to the next page of options because the option to close your Cash App account isn’t listed here.
  • More account options can be found on the next tab. If you haven’t done so already, you can tap Cash Out to pass your Cash App balance to your bank account. Tap Account Settings if you want to go to the Account Settings tab.
  • Finally, you’ll see a deleting option for your Cash App account. To begin, go to the menu and select Close my Cash App Account.
  • This will take you to a page where you can read more about what happens when your Cash App account is locked. Make sure you’re sure you want to close your account after reading anything. Tap the Confirm connection at the bottom if you’re certain.
  • Your Cash App account will be deleted until you’ve verified your account closure. Your $Cashtag (Cash App’s user ID) will no longer exist after this. If anyone tries to give you money at this stage, they’ll get an error message.
  • The final move is to delete the Cash App mobile app from your computer.
  • You can uninstall the app from your phone or from the Apple App Store on an iPhone. Simply tap and hold the app on the iPhone 12 before choosing Delete App from the menu. On Android, there is a range of choices for uninstalling the app. The best approach is to long-press the app and pick Uninstall from the menu that appears.


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