What is the best way to make a Facebook cover photo?

What is the best way to make a Facebook cover photo?

The most productive approach for making Facebook cover images is to create a theme in Adobe Photoshop and save it for future use. After you’ve completed these six basic steps, you’ll be good to go with all of your potential cover photo needs.

What is the best way to make a Facebook cover photo?

1. Create a Facebook cover photo template

a) Open Up Photoshop, as well as most likely to File > New.

b) Now you’ll be presented with the screen where you establish your theme dimensions.

c) Name your data (spoiler alert: my cover photo is sushi!) as well as enter your photo dimensions. I’m making a Facebook cover picture for desktop, so I’ve gotten in 851 for with and 315 for height.

d) When you have actually done this, click heaven Create switch in the bottom right, and also you’ll reach this display revealing an empty layout.

2. Select your Facebook cover photo image

Pick the photo you want to appear alongside your Facebook account by going to File > Open and selecting it. Photoshop will open in a new tab with it.

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3. Make a copy of your photo and also move it to your template

a) In the bottom appropriate corner, appropriate click the Layers panel and also select Duplicate Layer. This will open a dialogue box, as seen in the second image.

b) Under Destination, transform the file name to the one you named your theme– in my instance, it’s “Best Sushi Ever.” Click OK.


4. Resize the photo in your template

a) Tab back to your design template documents. You’ll see the formerly white area is now loaded with a picture. When I initially did this action, I wound up with this, which resembles a hot mess. Yet do not fret! This occurred because I didn’t resize the image within the template yet.

b) To resize the picture to fit the design template, most likely to Edit > Free Transform (or press Control/Command + T).


c) A border (bounding box) incorporating all the cropped-off parts of your image will show up around the layout. If you’re as well zoomed-in you won’t be able to see it; zoom out if this holds true.

d) Shift-click one of the corners of the bounding box and drag it inwards to scale your picture down so the areas you wish to be visible appear within the theme. When you’ve scaled it the means you desire, push the Enter key to secure your picture.

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5. (An Optional step) add text or other design elements

Here are the specific opportunities that you can include in your marketing, advertisement, and social media. I chose some thematically-appropriate characters (“Best sushi ever!”) for this example to make the point.

6. Save your Facebook cover photo

Go to File > Save. Name your cover photo and select a document layout. I picked PNG as recommended for optimum, mouth-watering detail.

Here’s a delicious cover photo for your laptop or mobile computer.

You can skip step 1 in the future while designing your cover pictures now that you’ve developed a layout.