What Is the Best Way to Connect Facebook and Twitter?

What Is the Best Way to Connect Facebook and Twitter?

Facebook and Twitter are the most well-known social media networks, and everybody has something to learn from them. How Do You Link Facebook To Twitter – What if we could link these two social media sites together? That would be a huge help. It would take even more time if we have both Twitter and Facebook accounts and want to retweet or publish the same post on both networks, but if we can just release anything with one click, that would be awesome. So, what’s the best way to connect Twitter and Facebook?

When you connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you will save a lot of time because any message you post on Facebook will instantly appear on your Twitter account. Since Twitter has a character limit of 140 characters, if you post a long message on Facebook, a short web link will be created automatically on Twitter that will link back to your Facebook article. So that anyone who wants to read your lengthy post on Twitter is redirected to Facebook to read the entire posting. If you want to learn how to do it, simply follow the thorough instructions below:

Connecting Facebook to Twitter

We’ll look at how to connect your Facebook account to your Twitter account, as well as how to share Facebook magazines on Twitter:
1. Go to your Facebook personal profile and log in.
2. Go to https://www.facebook.com/twitter and sign up for a Twitter account.

Select Link my profile to Twitter from the drop-down menu. You will definitely discover a list of Facebook pages that you control.
3. To link your account to Twitter, select one of your web pages. Then, on the target web page or account that you want to connect to Twitter, click “Connect this account.”

4. Twitter will ask you to authorize Facebook to use your account. Click on Authorize application button.


5. You effectively linked your Facebook to your Twitter account, as well as you can edit your linked account setting.

Twitter to Facebook
To link Twitter and Facebook to share Twitter magazines on your personal Facebook account, you require to follow these actions:

1. Attach to the Twitter account you wish to relate to your Facebook profile.

2. Go to your Twitter establishing account and also click Application

3. Click Revoke accessibility to connect your Facebook account, You must be visited your Facebook account.

4. Currently, after your account has actually been effectively linked, you can manage how Twitter will publish your tweets on Facebook.

All of your Tweets and Retweets will now be published on your Facebook wall, along with your username. To turn off this function, go to the Twitter application page and select Disconnect from the drop-down menu.

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