View a Private Facebook Profile

View a Private Facebook Profile

View Facebook Private Profile – Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking site. Thousands of people are making personal profiles on Facebook so no one can see them and for safety reasons. Without being a friend, you can currently access Private Facebook Profiles. There is no requirement to become a close friend to view a private Facebook account. Today I’m going to show you how to keep an eye on my personal Facebook account without being a friend. To watch private Facebook accounts, follow the steps outlined below.

You may also check out Facebook profile pictures and photographs of that person who blocked you or restricted your access to his or her profile using these methods.
There are two methods that will allow you to see anyone’s private Facebook account and also confirm who has actually blocked you from using your Facebook account.

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View a Private Facebook Profile

You can look at Facebook personal profiles without being a friend to someone, so let’s get started by following these steps one by one.
Method 1: View a private Facebook profile without having to sign in.
1st step: After that, if your Facebook account is visited, simply log out.

Step 2: Currently, you must type the profile URL into that person’s address bar.

Step 3: The URL “” should look like this.

As an example, see

Step 4: Press the enter key, and you’ll be able to see every individual’s private Facebook profile, as well as quickly determine who has blocked you.

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Important note: You can find Facebook private account users if you know their username, or you can use Facebook id to see their private accounts.
How do I get the username for my Facebook account?
If you don’t know that person’s username, you can find it in your browser history. Simply go through your browser history and look for the username, then follow the steps above.

If you can see the profile of that person that you can’t see in your visited Facebook account, you’re most likely blocked from that person, and if you can’t see the profile in your Facebook account and even with this tick, your Facebook account might be deleted or disappear.

Method 2: Use a search engine to find what you’re looking for.
This is a new way of watching secret Facebook accounts in 2015. To do so, search for that person on Google.

See, for example, ajay2 on Facebook and Struck on Twitter.

You’ll be able to see relevant profiles on Facebook with related individual names, and then you’ll need to find one that matches your criteria.

Important note: If an individual’s settings have been changed, you will not be able to view their Facebook exclusive accounts online.

I hope you were able to conveniently obtain both methods for viewing Facebook personal profiles without having to download software or use any tools. If you have any remaining doubts, please share them with us in the comments section.

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