Nigeria States and Their Slogan

Nigeria States and Their Slogan – Nigerian titles 36 states and their capitals, as well as their slogans
Nigeria is a sovereign nation with 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja as its capital.

Nigeria is an African country located on the Gulf of Guinea, with Abuja as its capital and seat of power. It is home to numerous natural monuments and wildlife reserves. Waterfalls, thick rainforest, savanna, and unique primate ecosystems can be found in protected areas including Cross River National Park and Yankari National Park.

Nigeria achieved independence from the United Kingdom on October 1, 1960. However, there were only three regions back then: northern, eastern, and southern.

The country’s three main ethnic groups and languages are Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba.

We’ll focus on the names of her states and capitals, as well as their different slogans, for our discussion.

The following is a list of Nigerian state capitals and their slogans.

S/N Slogan of the State Capital Year of Establishment
1 Abia – God’s State of Umuahia, 1991
2 Adamawa Yola’s previous slogan was “Land of Elegance, Sunshine, and Hospitality.”
Fresh Slogan: The nation’s highest point was reached in 1991.
Uyo, Akwa Ibom, 1987
4 Anambra Awka Former slogan: “Home for All”; new slogan: “Light of the Country” (1991).
Bauchi, Bauchi, Bauchi, Bauchi, Bauchi, Bauchi, Bauchi, Bauchi, Bauch
6 Bayelsa Yenagoa Bayelsa Yenagoa Bayelsa Yenagoa Bay The Glory of All Lands was published in 1996.
Makurdi, Benue 1996: National Food Basket
Maiduguri, Borno, Maiduguri, Borno, Maiduguri, Borno, Maiduguri,
Calabar, Calabar, Calabar, Calabar, Calabar 1967 was the year of the People’s Paradise.
The Big Heart was the previous slogan for Delta Asaba; the Finger of God was the current slogan in 1991.
Ebonyi Abakaliki, The Nation’s Salt, 1996
12 Edo Benin City, The Nation’s Heartbeat 1991
Former slogan: Fountain of Awareness 13 Ekiti Ado – Ekiti
Land of honor and dignity is the latest slogan. the year 1996
Enugu, Enugu Coal City State, Enugu, Enugu, Enugu, Enugu, Enugu
15 Gombe Gombe Savannah’s Jewel the year 1996
16 Imo Owerri New slogan: Eastern Heartland 1976 Old slogan: Land of Hope
The New World, Jigawa Dutse, Jigawa Dutse, Jigawa Dutse, Jigawa
18 Kaduna Kaduna Kaduna Kaduna Kaduna Kaduna Kaduna Kaduna Kaduna Kaduna Kaduna Kaduna
Kano Kano Centre of Commerce was established in 1967.
Katsina Katsina State of Hospitality 1987 20 Katsina Katsina State of Hospitality 1987
Land of Equity, Kebbi Birnin, Kebbi, Kebbi, Kebbi, Kebbi, Kebbi, Keb
The Confluence State was formed in 1991 by 22 Kogi Lokoja.
The State of Peace in Kwara Ilorin in 1967
Lagos Ikeja Centre of Excellence was established in 1967.
Nasarawa Lafia is a city in Nasarawa, Nigeria. Strong Minerals’ home since 1996
Minna Minna Minna Minna Minna Minna Min The State of Power in 1976
Ogun Abeokuta is a city in the state of Ogun in Nigeria. 1976, The Gateway State
Ondo Akure (Sunshine State) 28 Ondo Akure (Sunshine State)
29 Osun Oshogbo’s previous slogan was “State of Living Spring.”
Land of Virtue 1991 30 Oyo Ibadan is the latest slogan. The State that Sets the Pace 1991 31 Plateau Home of peace and tourism in Jos, Nigeria, since 1976 32 Rivers Port Harcourt The National Treasure Base was founded in 1967.
Sokoto, the Caliphate’s capital, was established in 1976. Jalingo Taraba Nature’s gift to the United States of America (1991) 35 Damaturu Yobe The adage goes, “The young shall rise.”
The Sahel now has a new slogan: Pride of the Sahel 1991.
Gusau, Zamfara 36 Home of Agricultural Goods was an old slogan.
Farming is our pride, according to a recent slogan.

To summarize, the country’s (Federal Capital Territory) motto is “Center of Unity.”

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