Iphone Leveler Tool

iPhone Leveler Tool – How to Use an iPhone as a Leveling System
When you have an iPhone, who wants a dedicated leveling tool? Here’s how to use the Compass tool and apps like iHandy Level and Bubble Level to calculate a flat surface.

When hanging a painting, installing a shelf, or making other home improvements, you’ll want to make sure the surface is level. A standard-level tool would be useful, but maybe you don’t have one.

In that scenario, your iPhone will be able to assist you. The iOS Compass app includes a level feature that allows you to determine the angle of the rock.

If you want your phone to do something, you can download apps like iHandy Level and Bubble Level for iPhone from the App Store. Let’s look at how to use the Compass app and some third-party software to calculate a surface.

Since iOS has had a built-in Compass app for a long time, you can use an iPhone for this purpose. Open the Compass app on your phone. The first screen shows a standard compass for determining your course, but there’s more to come. The level functionality can be found by swiping the screen to the left.
Horizontal Surface Measuring

Let’s pretend you want to measure a horizontal, flat surface like a table or the top frame of an image. Place your iPhone on top of the material. To see the degrees change, move your iPhone’s top or bottom-up or down.

Personalize the App
By tapping on the phone, you can change the background color from black to red.

Finding a Horizontal Surface That Is Level
When the number of degrees exceeds zero, come to a halt. You’ll note that the screen turns green, signaling that you’ve hit the nirvana stage.

Vertical Surface Measuring
Now you might need to take measurements of a vertical surface, such as a wall or a sign. Placing your phone against the vertical surface is a good idea.

Locating a Vertical Surface That Is Level
Move the phone around until the number of degrees hits 0 and the green portion of the screen appears at the bottom.

Angle Measuring
Tap the screen and tilt the handset to the top or bottom. It’s worth noting that the top half has red angles. Positioning your phone in this manner allows you to calculate various types of angles, such as 45-degree and 90-degree angles.

Looking for Alternatives
Do you want your virtual level tool to have a different look or more features? Then go to the App Store and download a third-party level app.

Further reading:

With the free iHandy Level, you can use both a bubble level and a numeric level to determine the angle of a surface. To ensure that the app is taking an accurate reading, you should calibrate it. Tap the Hold button when the app shows a level surface to ensure that the reading stays that way. Basic controls for sensitivity and other elements are also available in the app. iPhone Leveler Tool

iPhone App with Bubble Level
Bubble Level is a free, ad-supported app that includes a compass, a virtual tape measure, a bubble level, a surface level, and a gyroscope in one box. With the bubble stage, you can judge the angle of a surface by looking at the number of degrees and a green bubble. To ensure the app’s accuracy, you should calibrate it. You may also schedule a reading. The surface level tool can be used to measure a surface in both horizontal and vertical directions.

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