Dstv Subscription Prices, Packages and Channels

Dstv Subscription Prices – Packages, Outlets, And Rates For DStv In Nigeria: DStv, or Digital Satellite Television, is currently one of the strongest Pay-TV Providers broadcasting satellite stations in Sub-Saharan Africa, according to the year 2021.

Dstv Subscription Prices

Packages, Channels, and Prices for DStv in Nigeria in 2021

Premium DStv (NGN 16,200 Per Month)
Compact Plus DStv (NGN 10,925 Per Month)
Compact DStv (NGN 6,975 Per Month)
Confam DStv (NGN 4,615 Per Month)
Yanga DStv (NGN 2,565 Per Month)
Padi DStv (NGN 1,850 Per Month)
DStv French Touch (NGN 6,520) DStv French Plus (NGN 6,520) DStv French Plus (NGN 6,520 (NGN 1,510 Per Month)

Multichoice, the same corporation that owns GOtv, owns DStv Nigeria.

DSTV carries a variety of television channels from around the world, enabling it to provide Nigerians and the rest of Africa with the most fascinating shows and programs.

DStv sports and entertainment channels are currently the most popular in Nigeria.

This is a thorough guide to the different types of DStv decoders available in Nigeria, as well as the various DStv subscription packages, platforms, and prices available in Nigeria.

You’ll also learn how to pay your DStv Nigeria subscription online and how to enable your DStv after payment in this guide.

Simply put, this article contains all of the knowledge you need about DStv Nigeria. As a consequence, it will be rather lengthy.

If you’re looking for something unique, I recommend using the table of contents below for faster navigation.

DStv Decoders in Nigeria: Styles and Prices
In Nigeria, there are three different types of DStv decoders. The Decoder comes in a range of shapes and sizes, as do their costs.

Different types of DStv Decoders and their prices in Nigeria:

HD Decoder for DStv
Explora DStv Decoder
NGN 17,675 DStv HD Decoder
The DStv HD Decoder is a low-cost decoder that can be found in most Nigerian homes.

The DStv HD Decoder has a few features, but they aren’t as advanced as the DStv Explora’s.

While the DStv HD decoder does not have as many features as the DStv Explora Decoder, it does have the ability to view all channels from all packages.

The DStv HD Decoder + Dish Package + 1-month Portable subscription costs NGN 17,675 at the moment.

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The DStv HD Decoder’s Features

Some of the features of the DStv HD decoder are listed below.

Just watch one channel at a time (no PVR functionality)
HD Sponsored (720p and 1080i)
Exploration of Content (Including multiple search options)
Reminders for the TV Guide for the Next 8 Days
i-Plate Parental Control is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Capable of Dolby Digital 5.1
Widescreen compatibility
Subtitles for Hearing Impaired (When available)
Compatible with XtraView (This allows linking to another decoder in your home with the same subscription).
Get yours for N17,500, which includes a dish package and a one-month subscription to DStv Compact.

NGN 45,000 DStv Explora Decoder
For premium customers, the DStv Explora decoder is the most advanced feature-packed decoder available.

The Explora decoder is more expensive than other DStv Decoders, but it has an HD User Interface and can decode HD content.

The DStv Explora Decoder + Dish package + Smart LNB + 1-month Portable subscription costs NGN 74,000 right now.

The DStv Explora Decoder’s Features
Some of the features of the DStv Explora Decoder are described below.

Record Time: Up to 110 Hours
Live TV can be paused and rewound.
Set recordings for your favorite shows and catch up on DStv Catch Up to catch up on what you’ve missed.
DStv Dolby Streaming Box Office 5.1 surround sound
Favorite tv stations
Compatible with XtraView (This allows linking to another decoder in your home with the same subscription).

Additional premium features.
If you’re looking for a low-cost Pay-TV service with monthly package plans and a less expensive decoder, GOtv is a good option.

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