What to do if your Vizio Television Refuses to Turn on

What to do if your Vizio Television Refuses to Turn on – Power issues can occur in any electronic device. This may be triggered by internal TV component failure, power surges, or wiring issues in your home.

Problems with the power supply can necessitate service or the replacement of parts within the television.

There are some fast ways to get your TV working before you try to use your warranty service or pay to get it fixed. These measures are simple and do not necessitate the use of any equipment.

Hopefully, your TV will be operational in a matter of minutes!

How Can You Tell If Your Vizio TV Isn’t Getting Enough Power?
When the TV doesn’t show an image and doesn’t play audio through the speakers, it’s most likely due to a power issue.

A power light can be found in the lower-left corner of most Vizio TVs. When the power button is pressed, it turns on.

It’s natural for the power indicator to illuminate for a few moments before turning it off. Even if the rest of the TV is turned off, the power light will illuminate.

How to Resolve Power Issues in 5 Simple Steps

1. Check to see if the display isn’t showing any images.
Steps for Vizio TV
It doesn’t mean your TV isn’t turned on just because the screen is blank. Rather than a power issue, this may be a panel or a source issue.

On your remote or on the side of the TV, press the MENU button. If the TV’s menu appears after pressing the button, the TV is turned on and there is no power problem. A source question, such as a problem with cable or satellite TV service, is more likely to cause the black screen.

2. Instead of using the remote, use the power button on the back of the TV.
You may mistake a problem with the remote for a problem with the television. It’s possible that the TV is fine but the remote is broken. What to do if your Vizio Television Refuses to Turn on

Determine if the problem is triggered by the remote by pressing the power button on the side of the TV.

Users mistakenly believe the Vizio TVs have no keys. A power button is located on the back of nearly every Vizio TV produced after 2014, making it easy to overlook.
Reach around the TV’s lower-left corner.

The power button is located on the back of the television and could be everything you need to get it working.

An on/off button will be located on the left or right side of televisions manufactured prior to 2014.

If this button works, the remote is the source of the problem. It’s possible that you either need new batteries or that something is blocking the TV’s IR sensor.

3. Make a Power Cycle The connector for the TV’s power cord.
Vizio TVs will benefit from power cycling to solve a variety of issues. Disconnect the television’s power cord from the outlet and leave it unplugged. Then, for 10 seconds, press and hold the power button on the TV.

After holding the button for 10 seconds, release it and try to turn on the TV.
Disconnect the power cord and re-seat the power cord.

Further reading:

A snagged power cord may be the source of the issue. Most Vizio TVs have a detachable power cable. Housepets or moving the television when cleaning will easily disconnect it. Unplug the power cord from the back of the television, then reconnect it and test it.

5. When Connected To A New Outlet, Test The TV
A power outlet is available. Make sure the TV is plugged into a working wall socket.
You should still try to turn on the TV using a different outlet.

And if other gadgets operate in the first socket, try a new one.
Connect the TV’s power cord to a new outlet that you haven’t tried before, and then test the TV once more. What to do if your Vizio Television Refuses to Turn on

When using a new power outlet, avoid using a surge protector because these devices may often be the root of the issue.
If the TV now works, the original outlet was the source of the problem all along.

Is the television on right now?
Hopefully, one of the above measures resulted in your television is turned on.
If your TV is still not running, it has a problem that needs to be addressed. Contact Vizio to see if your television can be fixed under warranty.

Although the satellite dish may have been tampered with, a Vizio technician may provide rooftop services. A technical assistance representative will clarify the choices for repairing your television.

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