The 7 Psychological Superpowers of Facebook Instant Games

The Reasons OMG Game Succeeded

1. It triggered the desire for knowledge

We all know the game’s outcomes aren’t accurate, but we continue to play it anyway. We’d like to know our individual ranking. We hit the play button out of curiosity. Curiosity is a powerful tool, but it must be applied correctly. Customers can look for meanings in your ads if you pique their interest. Keep it easy because you don’t want them to look for a math problem that no one has ever solved. It should be amusing while still being exciting. When you’re planning a giveaway or a special case, this approach comes in handy. Include a mystery in your giveaway without solving it. Allow it to spread like a contagious thirst for knowledge. You may also award a reward to the person who correctly guesses the answer. And you’ll be amazed at how many people react to your advertisement! A perfect example of this strategy would be to create a riddles game. In reality, there was a game that tried and failed to follow this direction. They were effective in marketing but failed miserably when it came to being truthful with the game. They gave a totally different gameplay experience from what was advertised in the commercial. As a result, it became a well-known deceptive game, which was revealed on YouTube. Hero Wars is a game with a mystery that has yet to be solved. It was a marketing success, but not in terms of gameplay programming.

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2. It’s easy to reach

We lose interest when looking for the game name or quiz connection, so it’s easier to skip over it and forget about it. To prevent a tragedy, Facebook Instant Games has created a picture that players can share with their friends and that is linked to the game. You won’t have to look for anything; simply click the picture to see the amazing result! This capability can be applied to landing pages. You don’t have to put new customers through a lengthy registration process. Simply enter your email address and name, and let them know what you have in store for them; encourage them to give you a chance. If you need any additional information, which you will, do so during the final stages of the buying process. Justify your need for information in order to protect your website from fraudsters or alien assault. This can be a refreshing change.

3. It will not waste your time

People despise wasting time, but they enjoy watching YouTube videos and scrolling through their Facebook news feeds. Which is a total inconsistency. They all despise the idea but are enthralled by the act. The name conceals the implicit pledge that Instant Games makes to its players. It’s called Instant, which gives the impression that the game won’t take long to complete. They don’t know that playing instant games is the same as playing regular games. It’s a game of psychology.

4. It will not require your brain functionality

It would sound fake if the game was just a mouse. It’d be more of a chance game than a deep analysis game. They want to show you that they are analyzing your profile image, info, and life tape, and that they will then provide you with the ideal response for your personality. They inquire, “What’s your gender?” to offer the impression of conviction. Is it a man or a woman? They want to be certain that the answer will meet your expectations. Consider how long it will take to complete a five-minute survey. It would be tedious. Despite the fact that the five-minute survey would provide you with an accurate response, you would be drawn to the simple survey. That’s the (brainless) power.

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5. It sounds real

After you’ve completed the difficult issue, you’ll see the processing symbol, which is fine. It creates a sense of realism, but that isn’t enough. They must also conceal the fact that they do not perform any processes. So, how about coming up with gender-neutral responses that work for almost everyone? They do this by including a list of responses that are applicable to a wide range of people. It goes without saying that every answer would be the one that best describes you. Don’t be offended if you received a response that you didn’t like. You should try once more. Why did they have a button to try again? And there’s a risk that someone will get all the wrong answers in one of the scenarios. That could force them to abandon the game for good. They can’t afford it, particularly if a large number of players gave incorrect answers. Please try once more.

6. The perfect timing and placing for their ads

You eventually cross the finish line after a few moments of suspense. When you hit the climax, a fast ad appears, covering the response. There is no better way to guarantee that you can see the advertisement than this. The advertisement isn’t bothersome, and it only appears once unless you want to try again. Furthermore, Adblock Plus does not notice the ad, making it a sure win. Every day, millions of players experience the same situation. You may not even realize that this game is a multimillion-dollar venture. What’s the link between it all? It’s in the number seven force.

7. It’s silly

Markets that are stupid are becoming common in the new decade, whereas markets that are intelligent are being buried. That is my marketing future idea. The unimportant time-wasters are spreading faster than the useful ones on YouTube and Facebook. They’ve infiltrated our daily feeds, news, and even our workplace. If you look at all of the most famous YouTube videos, you’ll notice that the vast majority of them are ridiculous. The seventh psychological force in OMG’s game is the ability to laugh. Putting a smile on your friend’s face is one of the most powerful feelings that drives us to be ridiculous. As a result, we should be aware that if a stupid game makes millions, the person who made it is not a fool. The author had an idea and then used psychology to back it up. In reality, IKEA clothing stores are designed in the shape of a maze to ensure that customers see all of their items. If a customer is lost in it, he or she is likely to look at more items of clothing. Seeing it from the eyes of a counselor is crucial to an effective marketing strategy.

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