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Lil Kesh Biography Facts – Lil Kesh is a well-known name in Nigerian music circles. We’ll tell you all about Lil Kesh in this post, including his profile, real name, age, girlfriend, and other interesting stuff.

Needless to say, the talented singer, rapper, and songwriter have proven that he is one of Nigeria’s best young artists beyond a shadow of a doubt. His contribution to the world of music has not gone unnoticed. We realized that many Nigerians wanted to learn more about him, so we decided to write an article to fill that void.

His contribution to the world of music has not gone unnoticed. We realized that many Nigerians wanted to learn more about him, so we decided to write an article to fill that void. To begin with, his real name is not Lil Kesh. It’s just a stage name for him. Keshinro Ololade is his real name. Mr. Keshinro rose to prominence after the release of his then-viral “Shoki” album. That wasn’t, however, his first song. It just so happened to be the one that catapulted him to fame. Lil Kesh Biography – Facts

Lil Kesh Biography:

Keshinro Ololade, also known as Lil Kesh, is a Nigerian rapper who was born in the state of Lagos. Specifically, in the Bariga neighborhood. He spent much of his childhood in Bariga, including attending Stockbridge College, Bariga, for primary and secondary school.

Birthday & Age; how old is Lil Kesh?

Lil Kesh was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on March 14th, 1995. As a result, he is now 25 years old. If you are one of his fans, you would not want to miss out on celebrating his birthday with him.

Lil Kesh Biography – FactsCareer:

Lil Kesh had always been well-liked by his peers. People knew he was a phenomenal rap and freestyle artist. In 2012, he began his musical career. He used to just rap among his peers back then. During that time, he released the song “lyrically,” which went viral on Nigerian campuses. The song “Lyrially” was responsible for YBNL Country, Olamide’s record label, paying attention to him. And it was through YBNL Nation that he published “Shoki,” one of his best songs to date. When he released “Shoki,” the song was not only well-liked by Nigerians, but it also came with a dance move that dominated Nigerian youths and adults for a long time. Since then, he’s released a slew of other hits, including Gbese, Ibile, Efejoku, and a slew of others. Lil Kesh Biography – Facts

Stint with YBNL & YAGI:

When Lil Kesh released his first studio album, he was signed to YBNL Country, Olamide’s influential record label. However, after his contract with YBNL expired, he went on to form his own record label. The name of Lil Kesh’s first studio album, YAGI, also became the name of his record label. “Young and having it” is abbreviated as “YAGI.” “I was not scared when I took the step to quit Olamide’s record label,” he told Sunday Beats about his decision to leave YBNL for YAGI Records. I’m never afraid; I just knew it was the right decision, so I wasn’t worried. So far, I believe the measures have benefited me both personally and professionally. For starters, I am a stronger person mentally, and I am not currently being used to develop someone’s company. Instead, I am a key player in my own growth. Lil Kesh Biography – Facts

“From a financial standpoint, it was a wise decision. I can’t promise I’ll reap what I’ve sown right away, but every decision I make now is aimed at ensuring a brighter future. All of this is for the future. Some people were cynical when I revealed that I was leaving Olamide’s record label, but I proved them wrong by releasing hit songs. There was no way I could fail; it was a win-win situation for me. That was my strength, and my fans have been instrumental in keeping me motivated. Thank you to all of my supporters. The results have always been incredible with little effort. Lil Kesh Biography – Facts

“Life as a label owner is better than it was when I was signed to a record label, but I now have more obligations.

Life has become a little more difficult as a result of the responsibilities; however, it represents progress, and leaving YBNL was a significant step in my life,” Lil Kesh added.

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Lil Kesh Biography – FactsLil Kesh’s girlfriend:

Lil Kesh keeps a low profile when it comes to his personal life. He has, however, dropped a few clues about his past and current relationships. He also made it clear in an early 2017 interview with Sunday Beats that he was not in a relationship. And he hasn’t had a date since 2016. But, for the time being, we can’t say whether he’s in a new relationship or not. Lil Kesh Biography – Facts

Lil kesh’s contact (phone number & social accounts):

Lil Kesh has a special phone number and email address for bookings only. His social media accounts can also be used to reach him. Many people have asked for Lil Kesh’s Whatsapp phone number, but we have been unable to obtain it. But for now, here are some ways to get in touch with Lil Kesh:

  • Phone number: 08171937367
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:

His phone number and email address, as previously mentioned, are only for booking purposes. Please refrain from bombarding the young man with unrelated texts.

Lil Kesh Biography – FactsInteresting Facts about Lil Kesh:

  • Olamide, who raps and sings in his native dialect, has been compared to Lil Kesh’s versatility and style of music.
  • He’s been chastised for using so many vulgar sentences and failing to strike the right tone in his song lyrics.
  • Lil Kesh is one of the few Nigerian artists who offer giveaways on his social media accounts, especially on Facebook. Lil Kesh Biography – Facts

Lil Kesh — Awards and Nominations:

  • Lil Kesh received the Nigerian Teen Choice Awards’ Celebrity Award – Song Of The Year (Shoki) in 2015.
  • At the City People Entertainment Awards, he also won Famous Song of the Year (Shoki).
  • Lil Kesh narrowly missed out on the Next Rated Award at the 2015 Headies Awards, resulting in the now-famous feud between Olamide and the Headies Awards organizers.

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