How to Transfer Credit on 9Mobile (Etisalat)

How to Transfer Credit on 9Mobile (Etisalat) – You’ll learn how to transfer credit on 9mobie (Etisalat) in this post, which is a significant practice that almost every customer undertakes. 9mobile, formerly Etisalat, is a telecommunications behemoth with millions of customers around the world. You can never be able to complete those tasks, no matter how simple they seem to be, if you don’t know what codes are needed to complete them. Before we proceed, bear in mind that you can only shift credit (airtime) from one 9mobile account to another. To put it another way, you cannot switch from 9mobile to MTN, Glo, Airtel, or any other telecommunications network.

9mobile (Etisalat) transfer code:

223. This is the general code for sending airtime from one 9mobile subscriber to another. But before we get into the particulars of the steps you’ll need to take, there are a few things to bear in mind. If you’re making a switch for the first time, you’ll need to change your transfer PIN from the normal, which is normally 0000. You must also have a balance equal to or greater than the sum you choose to give to another client. Another thing to bear in mind is that 9mobile rarely allows customers to pass bonus airtime, so you’ll need money in your actual account balance. How to Transfer Credit on 9Mobile (Etisalat)

By dialing *232#, you will find out what your new balance is. As previously mentioned, in order to use the 9mobile (etisalat) transfer code, you must first update your line’s default 0000 PIN code. How to Transfer Credit on 9Mobile (Etisalat)

You can do that by dialing *247*0000*NEWPIN#.

Also, note that your new PIN must be a 4-digit number.

If you want to move from 0000 to 2321, for example, dial *247*0000*2321#.

You’ll get a message right away confirming your PIN change. If you forget your PIN, you can always call customer support at 200 to get help with PIN reset.

Let’s look at how to use your switch PIN now that you have one…

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Transferring credit (airtime) from 9mobile to 9mobile:

Dial *223*PIN*Amount*Phone Number# to shift credit on 9mobile. This must be dialed on the line from which the airtime is being moved.

Since you can’t use the default 0000 PIN, the new PIN you created will be used here.

For example, if you want to send $300 to 08091234567 by dialing *223*2321*300*08091234567# and your transfer PIN is 2321,

A popup will appear after that, instructing you to dial 1 to confirm your transaction. After you’ve double-checked that the number you’re sending to is right, go ahead and do it.

You’ll get an immediate message confirming your move.

Final thoughts:

Finally, I’d like to make one thing clear about the use of the 9mobile transfer code.

Since all transactions are final, you must double-check the recipient’s phone number before confirming them.

You can also keep your PIN private to prevent unauthorized transactions.

You can always dial 200 to talk with a 9mobile agent if you suspect fraudulent activities.

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