How to sell your products on Instagram

People may buy your things directly from your images and videos using Instagram Shopping. Learn more about how to persuade customers to buy your products.

Use these nine Instagram tips to highlight your merchandise.
According to a Facebook, Inc. survey, 81 percent of respondents say Instagram helps their research products and services1. Here are nine strategies for featuring your product frequently in your Instagram posts so that people can learn more about it.

Make it a practice to publish your products on social media.
Create postings about your products regularly, such as every weekday, so that your community members get into the habit of checking them out.

Describe the steps involved in creating your items.
Using stories, take your audience behind the scenes to see the hard work that goes into creating your items.

Display all of your product’s versions.
Showcase all of your product options so that your buyers may choose from a variety of colors, sizes, and materials.

Create highlight reels for various products.
Tales may disappear after 24 hours, but you can promote select stories on your profile that emphasize specific products. Here’s how to include story highlights in your profile.

Make use of a backdrop.
Consider what colors and textures, such as a white or patterned wall, will help your products stand out. As a backdrop, you can simply use a piece of fabric.

With a flat lay, you can showcase many products.
A flat lay is a photograph of goods spread out on a flat surface taken from above. Take a look at this flat lay of @tattly’s tin crates, for example.

Share photographs and videos of your products that your customers have taken.
When customers tag your product in images and videos, ask for permission to distribute it on your company’s social media accounts.

Make instructions on how to use your product in a variety of ways.
Create a step-by-step guide with stories or publish lengthier films on IGTV.

To boost confidence, encourage interaction.
Use the inquiry sticker to invite queries about the items in your story. People will be able to discover more about your products and feel more confident about making a purchase this way.

Instagram can help you sell your products. These four suggestions will help you shop smarter.
According to an Instagram survey commissioned by Facebook, Inc., 83 percent of respondents indicated the visual-first network helped people discover new products and services1. That’s why Tattly, a temporary tattoo company based in Brooklyn, has always prioritized promoting their greatest tattoo designs on Instagram. Instagram’s product tags assist them in accomplishing this while also increasing sales.

“Instagram Shopping has been incredibly great at getting visitors from our Instagram feed to our website to buy the things that they’re seeing in the posts,” said Cristina Gomez, Tattly’s creative director. “Having the shopping function helps us to concentrate on the fun aspects of Tattly rather than the sales-y aspects.”
Use Instagram Shopping to add product tags to your photographs or videos in your feed and stories to help people buy your stuff. When people tap on a product, they can see the name of the item as well as the price.

Inform your customers that they can shop on your company account directly.
Create storytelling for your audience that they can now shop for the things they see on Instagram.

In a single post, you can tag many products.
Display a variety of eye-catching products to make an impression and generate interest.

Using Instagram Shopping, try out different post formats.
In a carousel post in your feed, you can tag your photos, videos, or multiple images or videos. You may also use product stickers to label your tales.

Check that each tag is attached to the relevant product.
This makes it easier for customers to understand what product the tag is referring to. Consider how @tattly tagged their sunflower tattoo product.

These five methods will help you generate awareness for new items.
Are you planning to release a new product soon? These five Instagram tactics can help you create a buzz in your neighborhood.

Tease things before they go on sale.
Show snippets of your goods without entirely displaying them, for as by photographing them from various angles without revealing the entire thing.

Use the countdown sticker to add a sense of urgency to your narrative.
Use the countdown sticker, which you can access by tapping, to announce the date of your product’s debut.

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when it comes to editing your story Encourage your fans to tap Remind me to be reminded when the time comes or to Share the countdown in their narrative.
Make things available for purchase on the day of the launch.
Don’t forget to remind your clients that they may buy right away by including a simple call to action in the caption of the post, such as “Tap to shop.” For example, @tattly used this photo to advertise the introduction of a new series of tattoos.

To take questions, go live.
Use the Live function in your story to show your followers the exact moment you released your new product and to answer customer inquiries about it in real-time. Here’s where you can learn more about going live.

Make a hashtag for the debut of your product.
#yourproductname is a simple example. Encourage your fans to use the hashtag when ordering the product on launch day so you can post about it later on your company account.

Five Instagram methods to get people to buy your items
According to a survey commissioned by Facebook, Inc., 80% of respondents stated they use Instagram to help them decide whether or not to buy something1. To get customers to buy your items, try these five strategies.

Make several posts for your most popular items.
To find out which goods your audience has engaged with the most, look at insights and data like product views. Consider making more posts about that product, both in the feed and on Instagram stories, to help people feel more confident about buying it.

In your caption, include a call to action.
Including a call to action in your captions, such as “Tap to Shop,” successfully reminds your audience to make a purchase.

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Make a one-of-a-kind deal or campaign.
You may generate a sense of urgency and encourage people to shop by running a limited-time, Instagram-only campaign. Take a look at the snapshot released by @tattly as part of their Pride campaign.

Feature your products regularly.
Shoppers may take some time to determine whether or not to make a purchase, so include your products in your postings frequently to keep them top of mind.

Showcase a creator who has used your product.
Creators are the backbone of Instagram communities, from celebrities to artists to companies. Because seeing a creator utilize specific things can pique their followers’ interest in those products, make sure to tag the creator in your images and videos.

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