How to Find Out Who Has Blocked You on Facebook

Blocking someone on Facebook isn’t fun for anyone, but if you use Facebook for your small business, it may add a whole new level of anxiety. Facebook treats blocking someone as a private affair and provides no tools to help you figure out whether or not you’ve been blocked. You can typically figure out whether you’ve been blocked with a little detective work. It’s important to remember that just because someone isn’t visible on your list of friends doesn’t mean they’ve blocked you. You may have been “unfriended,” or the person’s account may have been suspended or canceled by Facebook.

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Results of a Search

If someone has blocked you rather than merely stopped communicating with you, his name will not appear in the search results for your account. Try typing the person’s name into the Facebook search area at the top of the page. You may have been blocked if you can’t find that person. He could have easily updated his security settings to prevent anyone other than pals from looking for him. Toggle to your business account after signing out of Facebook (click the arrow in the upper right corner and select “Log In As”). Attempt to locate the individual once more. You may have been blocked if the person cannot be found in a public search or through your company account. You’ve been blocked if the person appears in a public search but not in a personal search.

Friendship Circle

Mutual friends might help you determine if you’ve been blocked. Go to the profile of someone who used to be a common friend with the person who you believe has blocked you. On their profile page is a list of some of her current pals. At the top of the page, select “See All.” You can type the person’s name into a search area at the top of the page. You haven’t been blocked if the person’s profile is visible. You may have been blocked if it does not appear. While few people have their friends listed openly if you can locate someone who does, log out of Facebook and look at their friend’s list. You have been blocked if the individual is visible there but was not visible when you logged in.

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Facebook Posts on the Wall are being blocked.

If you recall any previous postings the person made on your profile, company page, or a mutual friend’s page, discovering such posts now could suggest that you’ve been blocked. The wall posts will remain available if you have been blocked, but his profile image will be changed with a question mark. The person’s name will also be in black text and will no longer be a link to his profile page.

Additional Approaches

So far, all of the approaches listed above have been used to determine if you’ve been blocked without attracting attention to yourself. Sending a Facebook message to the individual will tell you if you haven’t been blocked. You have not been blocked if you receive a reply. You can also inquire whether any mutual friends have lately seen the individual on Facebook. If no one has, the person’s account may have been deleted or her Facebook account suspended. Finally, you can inquire with your friends or directly with the person to see if you’ve been blocked.

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