How to Delete Photo from Instagram Story | How to Delete Photo from Facebook Story | Enable Your Facebook Story Archive | Control Who Can View Your Facebook Stories

Follow this guide to remove material from your Instagram message.
Have you ever attempted to remove a picture or video from your Instagram account rather than making it disappear on its own? Our guide will teach you how to do it.

Phase 1:In the “Stories” section at the top of the Instagram home feed, tap your profile image.

Phase 2:When the picture or video you want to delete appears, press the three dots in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Select “Delete.”

Phase 4: Tap ‘Delete’ in the confirmation window that appears to remove the post from your story.

Stories were first launched on Instagram, and they’re now available on Facebook as well. They’re a great way to share short clips of your fun experiences with your friends. Create a story on Facebook by uploading still images or short videos, and the content will be available for 24 hours to your chosen audience. Here’s how to get rid of a live or archived story on Facebook, the Facebook web app for iOS and Android, and the Facebook desktop version.

How to Delete a Story Feature on Facebook
It’s easy to delete content, whether your Facebook story has one or more photos or videos

  • Choose your Facebook post from the top of your news feed.
  • Select the three dot icon in the upper-right corner of the story.
  • Pick Delete Photo or Delete Video, then Delete to confirm.
  • If required, repeat this procedure to delete additional photos or videos from your article.
  • After you complete this action, the deleted content is permanently removed.

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Allow an Archive of Your Facebook Story

Though your Facebook stories will disappear from public view after 24 hours, you can retain access to your content by activating your Story Archive. When this option is activated, all of your stories are automatically archived after 24 hours. When this option is disabled, your stories are lost to you and your audience. Here’s how to control your Facebook Story Archive settings.

  • In the top-left corner of your news feed, tap your profile photo.
  • To get to your profile, choose your name from the upper-left corner of your Newsfeed desktop.
  • Then choose Archive Stories from the three-dot menu.
  • On Facebook’s desktop version, select Archive from the line beneath your profile image.
  • Click the three-dot button in the upper-right corner, then Settings from the drop-down menu. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the desktop version of Facebook.
  • Select Save to Archive from the Save menu. On the desktop version of Facebook, click Toggle On Story Archive.

Enable Your Facebook Story Archive

You can open your archived Facebook stories on your Facebook profile and delete them if you like.

  • Go to your profile page on Facebook.
  • Click the three-dot button, then select Archive Stories.
  • Pick Archive from the line under your profile picture on the Facebook desktop edition.
  • Pick a story from Facebook that you wish to erase.
  • In the upper-right corner of the story, pick the three-dot icon.
  • Please pick Video Delete.

Your archived story on Facebook has now been deleted.

Control Who Can View Your Facebook Stories

Users may choose whether their stories are open to strangers, acquaintances and other relations, or only friends. Set up custom settings to allow only the people you want to see your stories to see them. You can also choose who you want to keep a secret from.

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Add an image or video to a Facebook post.
Tap Privacy in the lower-left corner.
On the Facebook desktop, click the Friends box next to Your Post to see who can see your story.
From the options, choose who will see your story.
Check the Save box.

You’ve already selected your Facebook Story viewing choices. Only the people you want to see your Facebook post will see it.

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