Funny would you rather questions

They have the ability to turn any conversation into a funny and absurd exchange. They’re questions to ponder while sitting around a table with friends, one-on-one with a girl you like, or bored in between classes at school. Traditionally, they’re questions with two options, each of which is equally difficult to choose between. You can’t change anything in the first case. What you answer determines what you get, and you can’t get surgery, hire an exterminator, or take some other action to alter the result of your answer or correct what you want. Nothing is going to improve.

The second choice is to ask questions before making a decision. The rules are made up by the query master. For an example of how the rules work, listen to Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang Bang! podcast. If you have a creative and quick-witted mind, it’s a fun way to play.

Of course, you are not obligated to use these approaches and are free to make as many changes as you want!

We’ll stick to funny questions to ask while playing Would You Rather in this list. To make the list more available, I divided it into parts. You can skip around or read it from beginning to end. You’re sure to come up with a few amusing would you rather questions to pass the time. When you’re at a loss for words, use conversation starters to get things going. You can start a conversation about everything you want, from food to family. We have a list of funny conversation starters that will help, but because the majority of you are here for funny would you rather questions, here are our top 13 funny would you rather conversation starters to get things started.

Here are the best funny would you rather conversation starters:

1. Would you rather have to inform everyone in your vicinity every time you have to fart or pee your pants on a daily basis?

You already don’t announce your farts, right?

2. Would you rather fight 100 horses the size of ducks or one horse the size of a duck?
3. Would You Rather Be A Tree Or Have To Spend The Rest Of Your Life In A Tree?

Aspen trees aren’t individual trees, which is a fun fact to know. A grove of aspens is a single living organism.

4. If you’re in a crowded room, would you rather fart loudly and have everyone laugh at you, or be the only one obnoxiously laughing when someone else farts?

Nobody can deny that farts are entertaining.

5. Would you rather start each sentence with “Hey Idiot” or end it with “…Ha Ha, I Was Just Kidding?”

After all, who needs meaningful relationships?

6. Would you rather live one 1,000-year-long life or ten 100-year-long lives?

Buddhists in Tibet believe in reincarnation.

7. Would you prefer to be without elbows or knees?

The head, shoulders, knees, and toes are all affected. Why weren’t elbows included in that song? They’re equally relevant.

8. Would you rather fart loudly or quietly poop your pants?

Silent, but lethal.

9. Would you like to get diarrhoea every day for the next three months or be constipated every day?

Make sure you get enough of water!

10. Would you rather use vinegar-based eye drops or sandpaper-based toilet paper?

A mixture of half water and half vinegar works well as a bathroom cleaner.

11. Would You Rather Be A Clown Distracting The Bull Or A Cowboy Riding The Bull?

Yes, indeed!

12. Would you rather go to the bathroom in a colossal litter box inside your house or anywhere else but outside?

My veterinarian claims that if you feed your cats higher-quality cat food, they can use the toilet less often, saving you money!

13. Do you want 500 tarantulas crawling around your house or 1000 crickets jumping around your room?

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Since crickets avoid chirping when someone approaches, they can be used as an alarm device. Tarantulas have a defense mechanism in which they rub the hair off their thorax with their hind legs, which can embed themselves in the skin or eyes of their attacker, causing irritation.

14. Do you want your breath to smell like a bad fart or your laugh to sound like a fart?

Hahahahahaha! Please excuse me.

15. Would You Rather Get Smelly Feet Or Bad Breath?

You’re a scumbag.

16. Would you rather go through the rest of the day naked or sleep for a year?

This is a difficult decision for me because they both sound fantastic.

17. Would you rather take a cold shower every time or sleep an hour less than necessary to be fully rested?

Hot showers dry out the skin, and sleep is for the poor.

18. Would You Rather Wear Earmuffs Or A Nose Plug All The Time?

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Is it possible to avoid disturbing noises or smells?

19. Would you rather live in Texas with a Texas accent or in New York with a New York accent?

In 1997, the ratio of rats biting New Yorkers to rats biting other New Yorkers was 1:7.

20. Would You Rather Marry Someone With A Bad Image Or Someone Who Is Vain?

It makes me sad that no one can compare to how amazing I look.

21. Do You Like A Freakishly Big Smile Or A Freakishly Small Nose?

Janie has a pistol and she has been tormented because of her abnormally small nose.

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