Famebit Facebook | How to Use Famebit in Adverting

1. Create your own account. Simply go to Famebit and press the “I’m A Brand” button. You’ll be asked to enter your name, email address, and password to build an account. When you’re done, you should receive an email notification with instructions on how to check your account’s email address. Go to your email address and click to check your account, and you’ll be a member of Famebit in no time! Famebit does an excellent job of maintaining a user-friendly platform. Famebit breaks the process down into four simple steps when you first log in: Create a campaign, then solicit proposals and hire creators. (4) Encourage participation. This is a fantastic overview of the Famebit sequence. You’ll be taken straight to your Dashboard once you’ve completed this initial summary. When you first log in, the dashboard will look a little different, but the basic structure will remain the same. Since you haven’t produced any campaigns or recruited any creators, Famebit provides you with a list of featured creators to browse at. A green box with the words “Build Campaign” (#1) will appear at the top of your dashboard. This is where we’ll start in a moment. Simply click on your brand name in the top right corner of your dashboard (#2) if you need to access your login details or settings.

2. Create your first campaign.You’ll be asked a series of questions about your new campaign when you press the “Build Campaign” box at the top of your dashboard. To begin, click on each icon to determine which social media sites you want to use for your campaign. If you choose, you can choose all of them. We used Youtube as an example. Second, you’ll be asked to choose the campaign form you want to make. You can pick from Review, Note, Haul, LookBook, Favourites, or Tutorial for Youtubers. After you’ve decided on the type of campaign you want to run, you’ll be asked for more information about your company and product. Enter the name of your campaign and detailed instructions for the developers. Know that creators can read this information to see if they are interested in bidding on your campaign, so be succinct. Choose a price range now. As you would expect, the higher the price point, the greater the creator’s audience reach. The next step is to decide which category best suits your brand’s product. Then you’ll need to decide on a campaign submission deadline. You’ll also need to include a photo of your piece. However, there are certain requirements that your picture must meet in order to be considered for Famebit. I’ve included them below for your reading pleasure: After you’ve uploaded your photo and checked your details, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Build Campaign.”

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3. Receive campaign approval. You must first be accepted by Famebit before getting any bids on your campaign. It normally takes less than 48 hours to complete this process. You’ll get an email when your application has been approved. During this time, you’ll note that the top right corner of your campaign dashboard will simply say “Pending Approval.” As a side note, it took several days for me to get my approval. Famebit did not find the email address I used until I contacted them by email for some reason. If you haven’t received an acceptance email within two days, contact us by email to find out what’s going on.

4. Review your proposals.If Famebit has approved your campaign, developers will begin submitting ideas for your campaign. This will be listed on your Famebit account’s front dashboard. You should do two things when reviewing a proposal: To begin, select “View Proposal.” You’ll get a rundown of what the developer will do with your campaign here. These are generally a little generic, but it gives you a chance to hear what they have to say. You’ll notice that on the left hand side, you’ll find some important details about the creator’s demographics and total scope. Second, you’ll want to find out more about the author. Click on the creator’s name (highlighted in blue text) just below their image on the main dashboard tab. This will take you to the creator’s profile page, where you can access their most recent Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or Twitter feeds. You’ll get a clear idea of how many likes, shares, and favorites the author receives for each post from this page. On the right hand side of the page, you’ll notice more demographics outlines for you. One fast note: If you’re looking for a Youtuber with a lot of views, click the information symbol above the “Avg Views” statistic. This will provide you with more precise information about the types of views this creator currently holds. The average views are dependent on all of their videos, not just the most recent ones. For example, a creator’s average views might be 1,500, but if you click on the information icon, you’ll see that their average views in the last 30 days were only 10. This will prevent you from wasting money on a Youtuber who had a huge following previously but has slowed down in recent months.

5. Accept and Hire a Creator.After you’ve gone through all of your applications, dismiss the ones you won’t need and recruit the one you want. By clicking on “View Proposal” and then “Accept and Hire” at the bottom, you can choose to hire a developer. After that, you’ll have the opportunity to check the pricing and confirm your booking. You will be required to pay the bill, but no funds will be exchanged until the creator’s content has been accepted.

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It’s tough, in my experience, to find people who are willing to share their social media site. You also have the difficult task of getting the owner or personality to answer to you via email after you’ve checked and filtered through several Facebook pages or Youtube videos. You may have wasted weeks of your life by the time you finally engage with someone. Famebit’s greatest asset, in my opinion, is this. It helps you save time. They take on the role of middleman. They’ll do the searching and sorting for you, and you’ll be able to choose from a number of well-known social media sites. What used to take weeks can now be completed in three days. Using Famebit if you want to advertise your product through a social media campaign but don’t want to waste time doing all the research. It’s incredibly user-friendly and supports both brands and developers. Take a few minutes after you’ve finished with Famebit to set up your free trial Salesbacker account. Salesbacker can assist you in communicating with your customers and generating more product feedback from the Amazon items you sell.

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