Facebook Profile | How to Set up Your Anonymous Facebook Account

How to Create an Anonymous Facebook Account on Facebook: From a variety of online jobs to keeping in touch with loved ones, Facebook’s presence in our digital lives continues to grow. But what if you don’t want to expose yourself to the risks of having a personal Facebook profile? Continue reading to learn why you would want to build an anonymous Facebook profile and how to do so.


Why Would You Want an Anonymous Facebook Profile?

There are a lot of reasons why someone would want to create an anonymous Facebook account, but they all have one thing in common: privacy. Many people are concerned about Facebook’s privacy settings and violations. Making an anonymous Facebook profile helps you to keep fraudsters away from your personal details by using your real email address and birth date.

Facebook Invades Your Privacy (and How to Stop It)

While we all know that Facebook collects a lot of user data, the social network often violates your privacy on a daily basis. If there is ever a major data leak on Facebook, having an anonymous account would protect you from being a victim of fraud. Since you didn’t use your real name to create your Facebook account, your personal information is less likely to fall into the wrong hands. It also frees you from worrying about friends or colleagues trying to connect with you via the platform. Through having a completely anonymous profile, you won’t have to choose between coworker surveillance and ignoring friend invites from those in your office. Individual posts can be shared with others who are close to you. The general public will not know who you are, despite the fact that your colleagues will. You don’t have to worry about lurkers looking at your profile or exposing your personal details to a privacy breach. Another reason for an anonymous Facebook account is that you are the administrator of a Facebook website. Unfortunately, you can’t act as an admin on a website unless you have a Facebook account. You won’t have to bind your profile to people who work in social media management or marketing if you use an anonymous account.

How to Set up Your Anonymous Facebook Account

Making an anonymous Facebook account is simple and fast. It’s best if your name and profile picture are simple and unobtrusive. Your account is less likely to catch someone’s attention if you keep it simple.

1. Create a Burner Email Account 

If you want to keep your Facebook account fully private, the first step is to create a new email address. This ensures that none of your personal information is connected to your Facebook login information. If you use your email address to sign up for Facebook, it can be linked to your personal information—especially if you’ve used that email for other accounts. Make sure your name and any email addresses you use don’t contain any parts of your real name. Fill in the details for your email address, being careful not to include any of your real personal information.

2. Sign up for Facebook

When you sign up for Facebook, you must use an email address rather than your phone number. If you use your phone number, this vital piece of information will be connected to your account, undermining the purpose of getting an anonymous report on the website. Make sure you’re signed out before going to Facebook.com to sign up. Please choose the green Create Account option. If you already have a personal account, you can log out and click the blue Build New Account button on the mobile app.

3. Enter the Details for Your New Account

It is important that you fill in these fields with correct details. Be certain that your real name, email address, and birth date are not used. You ensure that none of your personal information is connected to your new Facebook account, and you use only made-up information. Develop a new email address, a strong password, a fake birthday, and the gender you want. Click the Sign-Up tab. When Facebook asks for contact links when you sign up, make sure to say no. If you choose “Yes,” you will appear in the “People You May Know” recommendations for other Facebook users. You now have a new Incognito Facebook profile.

4. Select Your Profile Picture

It’s important to have your profile picture because it’s the first thing people see on Facebook when deciding whether or not to engage with you. We suggest using a Facebook avatar or a generic screenshot as an image that will not violate your account’s privacy. With a Facebook avatar, you can hide your identity and have some fun with your profile picture. You can offer your account some personality while remaining anonymous by using a Facebook avatar. If you want to make an animated profile picture, make sure to read our guide on how to make a Facebook avatar.

5. Start Adding Your Friends

Remember why you created this anonymous Facebook account when deciding who to add to your friend list. Just add people you trust—and who will not share your new Facebook identity with others. People can also take note of the amount of mutual friends they share with you and add you out of curiosity. Regardless of the reason, always be mindful of who you add and confirm on Facebook. You can, however, communicate with the people you add so that they know who you are. We recommend sending individual private messages to your friends and family. This way, they’ll see that the enigmatic profile attempting to add them is actually you hiding behind an alias.

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6. Confirm Your Account

Facebook will ask you to log in and check your account. This can be done via email or phone number, and Facebook will send you a one-time confirmation code. We strongly advise checking your account using your burner email address rather than your real phone number. This will prevent any of your personal information from being connected to this incognito Facebook profile. You’re all good to go. Get an anonymous Facebook profile and enjoy the freedom and anonymity it provides!

7. Keeping Your Profile Private

To keep your new secret Facebook profile incognito, don’t add too many people you meet, use a nickname for your username, and don’t comment or like too many messages from your real-life friend. The key to keeping your Facebook profile private is to be careful of how you use it.

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8. Maintain Privacy Online While Using Social Media

An anonymous Facebook account is one of the many ways to protect your privacy online while still participating in social media. It will contribute to the creation of an environment in which your privacy is protected in a world where our data is freely available.

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