About My MTN Number

It’s difficult to keep track of numbers in these disposable SIM cards we use on a daily basis, particularly if the SIM pack has been discarded after purchase. There are also occasions when you have just received a new SIM card and are having difficulty remembering the number. I’ve had this happen before, so I try to load airtime on the SIM and call someone nearby so they can tell me my number when the phone rings; however, not everyone can go or afford it. We’ll show you how to verify MTN numbers using the USSD code and other simple methods in this article. There are several drawbacks to having several SIM cards, one of which is the inability to recall your SIM’s number. This is what you can do if you can’t remember your MTN line’s number. Your cell phone numbers, which are connected to each SIM card bought, are special to you and personal to the majority of people, but if you can’t remember it, it’s best to store it in your phone for quick recall. With the introduction of multi-SIM card phones into the Nigerian mobile industry, many people are forced to use more than one SIM card due to limited network coverage, lower call speeds, or lower data service charges on some networks versus others. A SIM card is also required for USB modems and Mobile 3G WiFi Routers.

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Codes For MTN Data and Prices


How to Check MTN Number Using USSD Code

USSD codes, along with mobile banking, are one of the best things that has happened in Nigeria. You don’t need the internet to make transactions or search your Airtel phone number if you use the USSD code.

  • With the MTNl SIM, dial *123# on your phone.
  • Choose “My tools” from the on-screen options by pressing 1.
  • On the phone, there will be a plethora of choices. Option 1 will enable you to check your MTN number.
  • On the screen, your phone number will be shown.

You can also display your number on the screen by dialing the codes *123*1*1# or *663# instead of going through all of the above steps.

How to Check the MTN  Call Me Back Number Feature

MTN is the country’s number one mobile operator for a reason: they understand what customers want and are continually coming up with new features, such as the Call Me Back feature. To use the Call Me Back function, dial *133# on your phone. That’s all there is to it, and that’s how you can search your MTN phone number from anywhere.

Call a Friend or Family To Get the Number

The easiest way to find out your phone number is to dial the number of a friend or family member and discover that the caller is you. All you have to do is dial a friend’s phone number and ask them to call you or send your number to you via SMS.

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Ask MTN Customer Care to Get Your Number

Their customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have about your line. You can request your phone number by calling their customer service department, but this is a more time-consuming process. For MTN customers, the official customer service number is 180. You can reach them on another network by dialing 08031000180 or +2348031000180 from outside Nigeria.

Know Your Mtn Number Using MTN Call Me Back

Customers of MTN can send free call me back messages to other numbers, and you can use this function to easily check your phone number. The call me back code is *133#, which you can dial and then enter any nearby phone number to send. You can enter the other number if you have two MTN SIM cards in your phone. You can copy your number from the call me back SMS until it arrives. We hope you found this article on How to Check My MTN Number and the USSD Code to Check MTN Number useful. Why don’t you share it with your friends by using the share button on this site? You may also sign up to be notified when new knowledge about this subject becomes accessible.